10 company logo Design Trends for 2017


This has been a good year for explorations regarding company logo design services. We have been analyzing trends throughout this year to find out if something new can be done and where we are headed.

Without further ado, here are some clues and a guide to what to do with the blueprint of logos this year that is just around the corner.

1. Design with negative space

It is a good idea to keep it as simple as possible while creating logos designs. The more colors and elements you add, the more problematic and expensive it will be to scale it. If you want to be simple but creative, you need to follow the trend of negative space.

2. Superimpose gradients

Bright color schemes are involved as gradients overlap in the design. Web-based companies request this technique in their company logo to create a greater impact.

3. Logos in offset

In this method of design the logos use the initials of the company, the graphic company plays with the initials of the company when asked to use them as a company logo mark. Usually, this path is chosen to give a nice touch that makes the design more noticeable.

4. Put shadows on the company logo

The technique of superimposing shadows was used a lot this year 2015. It is a technique where the design elements overlap to provide a dark feel to the company logo.

5. Using subtle gradients in logos

This technique is used to provide a more fluid feeling in a company logo, which adds intensity to the company logo and makes it look more professional.

6. Thin and bold lines

Thin and bold lines are used to draw a company logo. With this technique, you do not need to fill up space. It is made to help the pencil tool. It is an elegant method.

7. Design of logos with single line arts

This technique is magic, which will turn it into a new technique this year. It is used to create dynamism in the design. Only one brush is used to form this type of logos.

8. Use of handwriting

The handwriting technique is used to make the company logo design more noticeable. Subtle pencils and pointers are used to give a delicate feel to the design. Looks stunning and sophisticated.

9. Using brushes in logos

The brushes were first used to create Japanese and Chinese letters. These brushes are also called stylers. Artists use this brush to create beautiful types of logos. Now, this style is used to write company names and these font styles are being used a lot in packaging design. This technique seems to use downs.

10. The use of Calligraphy script

There is also a script calligraphy technique where an oblique pen is used to give a retro feel to the logos. Designers are following this technique in their designs.


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