3 Great Uses For a Canvas Army Bag


A canvas army bag is one of the most useful carryalls you will ever own. This is because of their easy care, strength and many uses. This article shares the 3 great reasons you will never regret buying a canvas army bag.

Canvas Army Bag

1. Durability. Canvas is a fabric known for being rugged and sturdy. This is the material you will see used in army duffles and other military carryalls and items and this is partly due to the fact that canvas will hold up to heavy demands. If it is strong enough for the military, chances are it will hold up to the demands you place on it.

2. Washability. A great feature of a canvas carryalls is that it can be thrown in the washing machine to get clean. The only exceptions to this rule would be if your canvas carryall has an emblem or stitched design that could get ruined by the action of the washer. If this is the case, the bag itself is still hand washable with a soft brush and laundry detergent. There are also effective cleaners specifically made for removing stains from canvas.

3. Practicality. Perhaps the biggest advantage you will find from a canvas army bag is that the uses for the bag seem endless.

a. If you are going green, canvas is the material you can use at your local grocery store. These convenient bags replace the plastic and paper bags handed out by grocery stores allowing you to conveniently do your part for the Earth.

b. Canvas bags are a must have item for the college-bound kid there are different bags for different needs. For instance, the canvas army barracks bag makes an ideal and room laundry bag while the canvas army messenger bag is ideal for carrying books and looks great hanging off the shoulder.

c. Travelers love the convenience of canvas bags used as luggage. It is easy to stow a canvas bag under the seat of an airplane as a carry-on because its soft sides allow it to easily fit, then when you reach your destination the bag collapses to easily get moved out of the way.

d. Coaches and players cannot live without canvas bags to store their sports equipment. There are even canvas bags on wheels for sports with lots of equipment such as hockey.

e. There is no bag that works as well outdoors as a canvas type. Whether you are into camping,fishing, or hiking there is a canvas bag made for your needs.

Canvas army bags are durable, washable and practical. They come in a number of styles from duffle bags, to wheeled bags to shoulder-strap messenger bags. Whatever your needs you will find a bag right for you.


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