3 Types of Unusual Corporate Gifts


You have probably heard many types of corporate gifts, but have you actually heard of the term of unusual corporate gifts? Now, these gifts are truly no magic at all and the only thing that makes them so unique is simply because you do not get to see these merchandises as free gifts given by businesses.

Normally, business firms have been making good use of corporate gifts like pens, diaries, towels, caps and card holders to give away. However, over the years, the cleverest marketing brains have come out with an idea of putting off the sameness in their businesses and tried to develop something unusual for their clients. This little energy being invested have surprised their customers and captured the hearts of many other parties who are dealing with them. Therefore, if you want your business to stand out and be different from the rest of your competitors, you really need to do something different.

For the purpose of this article, you are going to discover some of the examples of unusual corporate gifts.

First of all, let's introduce the unique 3 port USB drive that allows computer users to plug in more than one USB port. While giving away pen drives is already an unusual act for many companies, giving away this extremely functional tool will make your customers think that you are going from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Make sure you are not confused with the both products. A pen drive is a digital data storage device and the 3 port USB works as an extension so that you can connect 3 more USB ports to your computer. It could be a pen drive, table light, computer fan, cooling fan or even a set of speakers. This is definitely one of the unusual corporate gifts that will make your customers to remember you for the rest of their lives.

Secondly, you can give away another unusual gift, which is the portable shredder. Who on earth would actually think of giving away a portable shredder as a free gift? It is at least not something that customers are expecting. While some of them may not be interested, it will definitely bring good benefits to many, when you are giving to the right market. Now, you need to be careful when you are giving away the portable shredder. Not everyone of them will be interested. There is no point giving this to your clients if your target group mainly consists of housewives. It will be more viable and effective when you give this group of unique corporate gifts to the office ladies. After all, you would not want your promotional merchandises to be left at one side and a place where they can throw away anytime they want.

You have probably received pens as a free gift in the past. When you use it frequently, it will definitely remind you of the company when the business logo or professional logo design appears before your eyes. What if the pen which you received comes with the feature of copying and scanning a document? Believe it or not, there are already companies who are giving away this kind of unique corporate gifts to their clients. More than just a pen, the pen has the ability to scan and copy what is printed on the paper. If you would want your clients to have the same kind of impression on the gifts you are giving, you might want to look at this product and start to invest in them as promotional gifts.


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