5 Methods Of Persuasion In Advertising


Today, we live in a commercial-filled society. That's why the attempt to sell one's products and services is becoming more difficult because there is competition everywhere.

Even though you may have a good product or may be providing excellent service, you may lose out to competition if you are not using advertising to your advantage. In order to make the best use of your promotions, it is necessary to know about the effective methods of persuasion in advertising.

Here are a few tips that you can use when you are planning to market your products.

1) Use Humor.

One of the most commonly used methods of persuasion in advertising is the use of humor. Tickling the funny bone of your target audience can be very powerful.

When you make a funny ad, potential customers may want to watch or hear the commercial time and again, because it makes them laugh. When they go to make a purchase, your business logo design will be on top of their mind, because of the positive feelings that are associated with the commercial of your business logo design.

The other advantage of the use of humour is that you can actually get away with disclosing limited information about your product.

2) Evoke Positive Emotions.

Evoking positive emotions is often the chief aim of most advertisements. A commercial that tugs at the heart and brings out a feeling of joy, warmth or even sadness can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the consumer.

3) Get A Famous And/Or Respected Endorser.

Another technique used quite commonly by advertisers is the use of a celebrity. When you get a celebrity to endorse your product, consumers tend to transfer their feelings for the celebrity onto your business logo design.

If a consumer admires or respects the celebrity who is endorsing your business logo design, it is quite likely they will turn faithful towards your business logo design.

4) Use the Bandwagon Method.

Using this method of persuasion in advertising, you get consumers to believe that they should buy or use a particular product or a business logo design, because all the other folks are using it and they should do the same in order to fit in.

Humans are social animals and always have an inherent need to be a part of a larger group of society. So get your prospects to believe that people around them are using your product and are satisfied with it.

5) Use Product Comparison in Advertising.

In this form of promotion, a product in the same category or peer group is highlighted (although indirectly) and consumers are led to believe that the product being compared is actually inferior than the one that is being promoted.

This technique, however, can sometimes get detrimental and can evolve into a turf war between two rival groups. So proceed at your own risk.

Overall, advertising these days is a necessary tool for promotion. In whatever methods of persuasion you use in advertising, it is important to get your message across for your product or service to sell. You need to decide which method works best for you!


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