5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Start Working On A New Health Care startup logo


The health industry can be a ruthless environment for businesses. The business terrain changes almost weekly and on any given day new products and innovations can change long and short term projections drastically. To weather all the ups and downs and maintain a profitable path of success, a strong venture logo design must be created, grown, and nurtured with strategic marketing efforts. One such strength comes from having an amazing startup logo. However, creating and adopting a startup logo requires more thought and process than it originally seems. Here are 5 questions you should ask before you start working on a new health care startup logo.

1. Why do I need a new startup logo?

You should ask yourself why you need a startup logo in the first place. Obviously, if you do not have one you will need one. But, if your current startup logo needs an upgrade, examine the reasons why? Perhaps the design itself is old and outdated and no longer reflects the initial impression you want customers to feel when they first lay eyes upon it. Maybe the startup logo no longer matches up with the name of a business- especially if the name has been modified or changed over the years. Make a list of why you need a new startup logo first.

2. Will I have the time and resources unveil a new startup logo?

Once you have decided the business desperately needs a new startup logo and you have sat down and established the reasons for doing so, you need to ask yourself if this project is financially doable. You also need to figure out if you will have enough time and resources to devote to the unveiling of a new startup logo. Once you have a new startup logo you must change the website, letter heads, business cards, business filings, etc. It is no easy task.

3. What am I trying to convey?

Once you have realized you need a new startup logo and can sustainably continue efforts to create and unveil a new one, you must decide what you want the new startup logo to convey. This is were qualified marketing teams can assist. Hiring out to a quality advertising agency can free up resources while your new make over is in progress. They will also sit down and strategically analyze what the needs, message, and vision are of the company and how those can be expressed in a fine tuned startup logo.

4. Who is the target audience?

Is the startup logo to establish credibility in business to business relationships? Or, is it to help stimulate customer growth and online marketing buzz? Again, a quality ad agency can help you determine the target audience using surveys, data, and other metrics as well as new digital media tactics.

5. What is the time frame?

Whenever you are working on a marketing plan or a re-design of a startup logo, it is important to establish a scope of work agreement between the business and the ad agency. Setting goals is a very important way to stay on track, to measure success, and to ensure the process rolls out smoothly with minimal supplemental costs.

Make sure to ask yourself these questions before you decide to commit to designing a new startup logo!


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