5 Reasons to Start Ghostwriting


There are numerous reasons people start Ghostwriting but the most obvious reasons can be summarized into 5.

  • No more 9 – 5 and spending hours stuck in traffic

You can sit in front of your computer at 5am and start working, or if you are a night owl you can write from midnight into the early hours of the morning. Being in the comfort of your home you can dress how you like, tracksuit, shorts and t-shirt or you could even just stay in your pyjamas. It really is up to you. You control when you work and how you work.

  • More time with the family

You can choose how much or how little ghostwriting work you take on. This means that you have more time with your children, your wife, your partner, or just you time. You can do what you want when you want. You write around the things you need to do.

  • Writing Choice

The choice of what kind of Ghostwriting you do is up to you. You can write short articles, advertising copy, newsletters, e-books, web content, novels, and so on. You write what you enjoy which means your job is a pleasure.

  • Unlimited Opportunities

There are unlimited opportunities. You can become a ghost writer for local businesses, sporting or educational organizations, or companies looking for freelance ghost writers. You can writer for the internet world or for the print media. It’s your choice.

  • Full Control

You have control. No longer do you have to wait and hope for a promotion or pay prise. It is now up to you. You can promote yourself in many ways and achieve exactly what you want, it is up to you. You are your own boss.

Of course there are other reasons and everyone has their own. For some, Ghostwriting is a way of earning money whilst they pursue other interests like writing a novel. Many students like Ghostwriting as it means they can earn some extra money and still attend lectures and study when necessary.

But for people who like to write and be independent Ghostwriting cannot be overlooked as a business. You are self employed, you get your own clients, there are no high start up costs, and very little overheads. Your earnings can be what ever you decide you need to earn.

Ghostwriting is not for everyone, but for writers it is a great way to earn a living or just some extra pocket money.


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