A Pencil Case is a Highly Customisable Promotional Item


There are lots of advantages of a having a pencil case as a promotional device for your advertising strategy.

There are hundreds of branded goods around, thus the ways they function are different: some of them are frequently used, the others are shovelled in the furthest corner of one's working table. Some branded items are on display, they are actively borrowed, shared and passed around, and the others hold their static position on the wall or on the shelf in your office. Some of them have plenty of space for all the information and images you would like to include into your promotional message, and the others have merely the space for a tiny custom logo design. So what are the advantages of a pencil case in this context?

  • It makes it easier to keep all those pens, pencils and other stationary items which usually laying around in a mess. Therefore, a case helps to keep them organised and makes your working place cleaner, more suitable and comfortable to work.
  • A case is usually within a view of its owner, as it is frequently used on the daily basis. It is usually placed on the desk, or shelf, and often carried to the meetings, seminars and training courses, so even more people can see your custom logo design printed on the surface of elegant cases.
  • A suitable pencil case can be easily chosen from the large variety of cases represented on the market. They are available in different shapes, colours and designs. They can be shaped as a box, tube or mini bag. They can be made of hard or soft plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, fabric or combination of these materials. As for the colours, there are no limitations to the manufacturer's fantasy in this regard, so you will be able to choose the most appropriate.
  • A case for pencils is a part of one's image, not only storage for your pencils, markers and pens. That is why think about a person's style and professional characteristic before giving him or her a pencil as a gift.
  • A pencil case is small enough to fit into your bag, it also does not occupy too much of your working territory. At the same time it is big enough to place all the necessary promotional information. You would not be able to print your contacts, slogan, message and custom logo design on a pen or key chain, but with a bigger surface of a case it is possible. Just do not overdo the things, nobody is going to read a message which is too big, it is too obtrusive and boring.
  • If a case for pencils is metal, you can even engrave your information on its side or on the cover. Engraved text and artwork very often have a more sophisticated and elegant look.

In general, a pencil case may be simple and ordinary, but still high quality, or exquisitely decorated and beautifully designed. So you can use them for any purpose: everyday handing out, promotional giveaways during some corporate events, giving as a present to your loyal customers, devoted employees and reliable partners.


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