Advertising With Inflatable Rental Balloons


Inflatable balloons are one of newest ways to advertise your business. Businesses use them for everything from grand openings, to special sales, promotions, and events, or to just remind locals that they are still alive and open for business, surviving the poor economy and still offering their services. In terms of return on investment, large promotional balloons are a perfect place to start. When people think of balloons they tend to picture a foil or plastic skin filled with helium. But that's the beauty of inflatable balloons. They aren't inflated and then sealed off; they are actually continuously kept expanded by a steady stream of air through the use of a fan. Picture it as a giant hair dryer attached to a giant balloon, which can be made into any shape or size you would like.

  • Size: BIG

Because promotional balloons are just that, balloons, your advertisement can be very large with very little work or setup. The majority of this advertising method is made up of hot air, but air that is expanding to fill a very large, eye-catching space. All businesses want their advertisements to be attention-grabbing, otherwise it is an unsuccessful advertisement and waste of money. A giant inflatable balloon can be seen from miles away and piques interest long before your potential customer can read a sign or recognize your venture logo. While ads should be eye-catching to ensure success, they first have to be in a position to been seen. It doesn't matter how wonderful of a campaign you have, if people don't come into contact with your advertisement, it will never, ever generate new customers. In this case, bigger definitely equals better.

  • Content: Unique

Promoting your business with giant inflatable balloons is still a relatively new, and definitely surprising, idea. Unique advertising means people are more likely to notice and talk about your business. The more unique something is, the more likely it is to be remembered, which translates into your business being noticed and talked about more.

  • Vantage Point: Moveable

Compared to other forms of promotions and advertising, inflatable balloons have a higher return on investment because they are mobile. Billboards are stationary. Most forms of advertising that are as large as a giant inflatable balloon are equally as cumbersome (if not downright impossible) to move. While rental balloons are a large of advertisement, because they are a balloon, they are not heavy nor fragile (but always remember to securely anchor the balloon).

  • Cost: High ROI

Inflatable rental balloons are a very cheap was of advertising. In part, because they give more flexibility in how long you want to rent one - by as short of a time as one day to as long a time as indefinitely. And for the size of the promotional your business gets, it is relatively cheap upkeep and operating costs. Running the industrial-sized fan to keep the large balloon inflated is no more costly than keeping your front-porch light on.


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