An Overview of Marble Chess Sets


The following is some basic information about marble chess sets. This includes such topics as the care and maintenance of your set, where the marble comes from, physical properties of marble, how to decorate, and appropriate places to display them.

Care & Maintenance

Marble is a specialized material in that it is a base in an acid base relationship. This is important because whenever this base interactions in any way with an acid substance substance, a chemical reaction occurs. This is usually marked by a stain or discoloration in the marble. Acidic materials include most soaps, sauces, and fruit juices.

This is important to note because the use of normal, acidic cleansers on your marble chess set will cause it to discolor. Instead, use a warm wash cloth to gently wipe down the surface of the pieces. If you want to improve the shine of the piece, there are several commercial cleansers that are made especially for marble use.


Chess has been played for thousands of years. Its exact origin is not known although there are some who speculate it may have been either in India, or China. Chess was spread through most of the world by conquering Moors, who picked it up after defeating the Persian Empire, and then bought it to Europe during the Spanish contract. The original pieces were different from those we recognize today, in name, appearance, and movements. By about 1475AD European developers had evolved the game to rough its present state.

Today there is a standard look for classic chess pieces. However there are also numerous variations on this including fantasy themed, soldier themed, and animal themed sets. The black and white marble chess set is the standard set that is pictured by most people when they think of chess. This same design has been used by princes, kings, and schools through the ages. Although marble chess sets are starting to emerge which use exotic colors and innovative fresh designs.

Types of Marble

There are a number of different types of marble that a chess set can be made from. Traditional marble also comes in a variety of colors including black and tan, green and white, brown and black, and black and white.

Fossil stone is another type of marble that can be used. This material contains real fossil imprints which are displayed prominently in its surface. Onyx stone is a polished material which is often categorized as marble, but which is scientifically different. There are also several different colors of onyx that can be used in a chess set.


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