Benefits of Outsourcing the Visual Merchandising Activity


In the 21st Century, the shoppers are now becoming more demanding in every aspect of daily life, from getting their grocery delivered at home to visiting the most attractive looking shops and stores in town.

This is part of the reason why a lot of businesses are spending a lot of time and effort in an effort to find an extra edge over the competition. The traditional retail stores are not immune to the customers’ increasing demands either. They compete with each other for the attention of the shoppers in order to entice them into their shop instead of the other stores. Once the customers come into the store, they aim to influence the customers’ impulse buying decisions to finalise the sale right there and then.

All these efforts of promoting the sale of products (or services) by mainly focussing on their presentation in the retail stores is known as the visual merchandising.

The art and science of retail visual merchandising has a proven record of maximising sales over the past decades, which is why there has been increasing amount of research on the subject.

However, many business owners without sufficient time or expertise tend to have the misconception that the visual merchandising of their store is not that difficult to maintain. They argue that only an attractive atmosphere and environment is needed to increase their customers and the sales.

There are also a lot of traps associated with it as well. If the visual merchandising ideas and techniques are not used appropriately, they may actually have the opposite effect and put people off coming into the shop.

One of the common mistakes people make is the over use of the techniques. The store owners hear about a visual merchandising technique and they try an overuse the concept without properly understanding their customers’ behaviours and expectations. For example, it is well documented how some business owners overuse the posters, and almost hide their merchandise behind the posters that are meant to promote them.

This is why using the experts will actually give you the most benefit in implementing the visual merchandising or retail window dressing techniques. The professionals do turn the concept into a strong instrument to influence the potential customers’ buying decisions, and to maximise the sales of the retail store. The experts have the experience

  • to understand the business owner’s objectives,
  • to profile the shop’s target customer demography,
  • in training the business owner and the staff on the key aspects of the techniques that are in use.

In brief, the visual merchandising techniques can be very powerful in the right hands. And, the time and money spent on it is worth every penny.


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