business logo design Recognition Through business logo design Awareness Programs


Some of the most profitable results from my small home-based business came when I incorporated business logo design recognition and business logo design development into the fundamental process of building my business. As it grew to a full-time business logo design Awareness Program with administrative design and business logo design development programs my clients relied on, I skipped out of the home-based operations and into an office. I needed a place for people to come. That's when my business began to BOOM.

Corporate and Personal Branding

Whether it's a company logo or a style that simply becomes you over time, the business logo design you inject into your business at the beginning will most likely stick with you. People still call my corporate office and ask for me by name.

No matter how big this business gets, I hope my clients, my customers, and my buyers see themselves in the work that's completed and how it suits them.

How to Build Your business logo design

  1. Be visible. Put your picture on it.
  2. Be personable. Don't hesitate to stamp your personality on the solutions you offer clients.
  3. Be authentic. Don't try to put on airs or be something you're not. Always be yourself.
  4. Be present. One thing I did in the beginning that hasn't changed... My phone number is still the most active number when you call the company. Anyone can call me. (And more often than not, I still answer my own phone. This is important as you build your business logo design.)
  5. Be there. I can't tell you how many times I've shown up for a funeral, or sent a gift, or just been there when my friends and clients NEED me to be there for them. It's important. Be there. Don't miss an opportunity to be there when you're needed.

Measuring Your business logo design

How big is your team? Whenever you put out a new project do people naturally share your project, or do you have to ask them to share it? Do you get referrals from people on your list? Do people tell others about your business? Do your clients come to you from random 'finds' on Google Search? Or are they sent to you by individuals who have used your business?

Branding Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest, most unforgivable branding mistake is to be so much the visible part of your business logo design that nobody else can see themselves in your business. Or worse, they can't see themselves doing business with you.

You want to be the icon for your business but not the end all target of your business. Open the doors and let your people share your wealth of information with others. The key to being big enough to identify, but not too big to be relevant is in the personal connections you build both within the company, and on the outside of the business. Open your doors and let people into your world.

Creating or Leveraging business logo design Loyalty

Team building or creating a loyal tribe who will work your business logo design can be a huge boost to the marketing effort. Using your message to build that tribe, leverages business logo design loyalty indefinitely. Often the significance of your message is the power behind your business logo design, and the more creative useful messages are the most effective. Call it simplistic, but the most broad-based messages can be the most significantly powerful brands. Quantifiable messages won't necessarily bring profit, but they will motivate and drive your market, and the marketing efforts of your tribe as well.


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