How to Come Up With the Best Logo for Your Coffee Shop

Choosing the best logo for this kind of business may look as easy as downing an iced coffee cup, especially with the great number of shops of this type you can find nowadays, but the truth is that it is actually very challenging. In fact, the whole process is so challenging that it’s not unheard of for a small business to spend several months thinking of the best one to use and perfect even further.

Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to spend that much time perfecting the symbol of your brand. Just make sure that the final output comes together organically as the brand is developed, and that you follow the steps highlighted below.

* Of course, you need to determine the best name for your business. Since this is your business, you can name it whatever you want. But it’s still important that the name conveys the best qualities of your shop, informs customers of your products, is simple and easy to remember, and looks great on a wide range of marketing assets like your website and social media pages.

* At the same time, remember that your brand’s symbol should: help your customers remember what your brand stands for, reflect your brand’s overall image, be easy to reproduce and, be clear regardless of size.

* Decide on a name for your business.

* Get ideas from famous brands and startups within your city. You can also gather ideas from Pinterest boards and other sections of the internet. Take care not to copy a design, even by accident. Instead, just take note of what worked for those companies.

* Gather inspiration at the same time. Some sources of inspiration that are not your favourite companies and local startups are your personal hobbies, your vision board, and your journey so far in life. These add personality to the output.

* Get to the drawing board! The drawing board, in this case, is not necessarily limited to your sketch pad--list down fonts and designs you and your team can consider using. Edit this list by crossing out any items in the list you do not like. As for any items and elements that you like, they can be combined together.

* List down any ideas, feelings, and thoughts the symbol should represent. This list can help in generating more ideas when you reach a seemingly dead end.

* It’s not unheard of for decision-makers to hold numerous meetings with their branding teams, so make sure to prepare yourself for these. These meetings they hold for the purposes of bouncing off ideas with each other and assess how close they are to actually close to coming up with the symbol that best represents a brand.

Once you have done all the above, you must then enlist the assistance of a professional illustrator and designer. That is, if you do not have one in the team in the first place. This professional can work with the team at any step in the process, even in the brainstorming phase. As such, it is safe to say that this step can be the very first thing you need to do.
Final Thoughts
* Take your time! After all, there is a chance that your name and logo will develop as your business’s personality and brand develops over the weeks and months. For easy tracking of these developments, note down any and all changes you notice on a vision board. These changes should then be incorporated into your business plan.

* Your brand’s symbol also needs to reflect the company’s mission, vision, and values. Like the logo, these three things can require a lot of time to create.

* Once your brand’s symbol has been finalised, you can then incorporate it into any number of different marketing and branding assets (website, paper napkins, posters, menu) and make it a part of coffee cup design.


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