Everybody Has A Book, Should You?


Nowadays everybody has a book. So the question is, should you?

At one time, in our very recent past, having written and published a manuscript was the biggest achievement anybody could’ve done, since, in many people’s minds having a published book was left to those who were geniuses, experts or had attained a university degree!!!


The advent of technology and the internet, in particular, has made it so much easier for any and everybody to write and have their own book. And really, if you dislike writing or are unable to do so, no worries, others can do that honour for you.

So, it’s back to the question… should you have a book? Think about this:

1. Writing a book can be a self-actualisation goal: where it’s one of those life goals you’d like to achieve here on Earth. You know, a legacy left for your family and others to remember you and your message, both living on long after you’ve departed this planet.

2. Depending on the book, it can actually enhance your career: a unique, non-fiction book about your area of work or expertise, allows others to tap into your knowledge, skill or expertise. (For your information, http://www.Dictionary.com describes non-fiction as works of narrative prose dealing with or offering opinions or conjectures upon facts and reality, including biography, history, and the essay. This covers books such as inspirational, motivational, advice-driven and so on).

3. If you love story-telling, poetry or just have a descriptive mind, writing a fiction (via Google: literature in the form of prose, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people, something that’s invented or untrue) book is a great way to go. This type of writing tends to tap into the creative part of the brain, enabling and encapsulating an imaginative way of communicating deep-seated thoughts. Having a book conveying this particular message draws most people since we do love stories.

4. It opens door that were previously closed! Having a written and published book excites people and even though there’re trillions upon trillions of published works throughout the world, you having yours is so phenomenal; you’re now a part of an exclusive club albeit with another million or so people (remember, many, many people have the thought of writing a book but never actually do so). A focused book for a targeted market that enables and helps those people within that market, creates access to interact with them via workshops, mentoring, webinars, blogs etc.

5. As in #4, it gets you new and influential contacts!

6. A written and published book can also enhance your income! Yup… sharing your expertise, knowledge, skill or experience to a particular audience via what has been identified (#4 and more), enables you to be compensated for what you’ve written. This can be very handsome too.

OK, I admit, this is by no means an exhaustive list but an indicator of some of the main areas on how having a book can help you and with that in mind, the next question is… do you still think writing a published book is for you?


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