Filing a Trademark – Plain Text Vs Stylized venture logo


When filing a brand, the USPTO provides you with two options: Typical Characters or Professional Form (Stylized or Design). Let's have a look at each one in detail and this should help you choose the best way to file for the mark.

As using any discussion concerning filing for a brand, it is always assumed you've done your required research and had comprehensive exploration conducted. That being said...

Standard Characters

attachment_78258065This option will be selected to register "word(s), letter(s), number(s), or some kind of combination thereof, without having design element so when you are not claiming any kind of particular font, design, size, or coloring, and absent any kind of stylization or layout element. " Consequently the USPTO will be talking about plain wording.

To qualify for this kind of claim, the draw entered must match within the standard figure set. This includes characters and numbers but in addition some symbols, like the ampersand (& ), the dollar signal ($), the asterisk

, etc .

Special Form (Stylized or Design)

This option will be selected to register represents that are "comprised associated with stylized word(s), letter(s), and or number(s), or a design component. " For example , in case your business name will be shown in a a number of font and that d¨¦bouchent sur is an important element in your overall company logo design, it would be a good idea to file this such. This is also the option you'll make in the event that filing a business logo/design. A business logo can be registered on its own or with the name.

Can people File for Both?

Technically, yes though certainly not at the same time. Two distinct applications (meaning dual the fees) might need to be filed in case you wanted to choose the normal characters and the particular form.

Why Might I File for Each?

Most small business owners examine but as with something in the trademark planet it is going to depend on your general plans for the company logo design. Let's say you have a label and a venture brand - easy enough, you apply the special form. Nevertheless let's assume that name is going to be shown devoid of the venture logo in many different fonts. Perhaps you have many product lines or your supplements are geared towards different types of people and you have different d¨¦bouchent sur styles for each. It may be a good idea to be able to also file title as standard heroes so as not to lay claim any one distinctive look into the mark but rather safeguard the name overall.


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