Flower Color Meaning


Flowers and roses have been a great gift for centuries now. The tradition of giving flowers to: Moms, Wife, Husband, Friend, sister… etc has remained always a mystery of how it got into human cultural evolution in the first place. Many people say that it is because of the great look and smell flowers have. One of the most powerful facts which science has proved is that flower colors have a great impact on people with each color having its own representation and interpretation.

These days online flower delivery companies have made it very easy to order and deliver flowers. They put their flowers and arrangements into categories so you don’t get confused of what arrangement is suitable for your special occasion or holiday. In the occasion category, you find all the suitable flowers for Valentine’s Day in the Valentine’s Day section and so on. But if you really want to give good quality flowers to people you care about, you need to manually select your flowers in order to give them some personality. If you want to do so, here are some flower color meanings:

The white:

As you know, the white color represents: clarity, purity, innocence, peace and hope, that’s why most people like it. As white flowers are suitable for many occasions, you can send them to tell the other person that he OR she is pure and perfect. They can be combined with other colors such as red to represent an even more powerful feeling. My personal preference of white flowers is: Orchids and Roses.


This is probably the preferred color by most people especially if they want to express passion and energy. This color also represents especially: love, romance, desire, courage and beauty. It is suitable especially for relationships type of occasions like Valentine’s Day. Most of the red flowers given to sweethearts are roses, so make sure you take advantage of that.


The pink color represents almost the same meaning of the red but with slight differences. Think of the red as the wild color for relationships and the pink as the gentle one. It represents: romance, innocent love, happiness, delicate, joy and youth. As you know pink it mostly for girls, so you can give it to them in almost any occasion whether it’s Valentine’s Day or birthday.


This is one of the most powerful and mood changing colors. It represents: joy, happiness, smile, new and of course friendship. I think by now you know exactly why we smile when we receive yellow flowers. This color is suitable especially for friend’s special occasions like: birthday, graduation or someone who is having a hard time as these flowers will cheer up anyone.


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