Good Methods to Attract Clientele


The whole idea behind using sports promotional merchandise, of course, is to get people interested. You want to give them enough information that will lead them in the right direction, which means, in a way, that they'll want to act after having had a taste of the appetiser, so to speak.

Generally speaking you want the client to understand what business you're in. He must know you're about sports and physical activity. It therefore makes sense to attract their attention by using the correct sports promotional merchandise that will talk to them, that will promote the specific sport or sports they're about.

It makes perfect sense to get their attention by handing or sending them something that applies to the specific activity, game or sport. Often kids like to ''show off" in front of their mates, and that may actually help to spread your message. The mates will be interested too! And that means more business. One of the best methods remains giving something that they can talk about.

You don't have to get them interested by spending a fortune on individual items. The idea behind sports promotional merchandise is to get the public talking, not necessarily the monetary worth of the gift. Very often something cheaper, but catchy, may bring better results in the long run. Something small that they see all the time, something they can take with them everywhere without having to worry about how expensive it is, will often do it.

A good idea to get your message across is to get in touch with schools in the area. Hand out as much as you can. Those kids tell their friends and family and before you know it, enquiries start coming in. The same goes for sports clubs where members are mainly adults. Just think about it: The local soccer club, netball club - hockey, you name it - could be the next stop for your sports promotional merchandise to be handed out at.

A wonderful idea is to get involved in a club's activity when, for instance, they organise an open day, or a day when parents are allowed to bring their kids with to the club. Hand out some items to the kids on those occasions. Befriend not only parents but their families too because that is where you want to concentrate your efforts after the initial introduction.

Open days at schools or sports clubs create the ideal opportunity to distribute your sports promotional merchandise. Think of it as a captured audience. You have lots of feet, you can create excitement and ask for an opportunity to speak - a few minutes may be all you need - to those present. Make the most of these free opportunities.

A lot depends on the specific sport that the client is interested in. If, for instance, they like tennis, samples of T-shirts with company logos will be a great idea. The same goes for other apparel such as baseball caps, wrist bands, racket covers and the like. Items you would hand to members - or their friends - at a rugby club may be tog bags, water bottles with logos or even a face towel with the company's emblem. If you really want to spend the extra bit, try a bigger towel.

Sports promotional merchandise is a great marketing tool. People everywhere are the same. They want to believe that other people are interested in them. And when we talk about sports lovers, they're no different from anybody else. Once you give them something to remember you by, chances are they will come back later. And that is exactly what you want. You want them to remember your company logo design; you want their business.


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