Grant Writing Portfolio: Why Every Grant Writer Needs One!


If the saying is true, "Seeing is believing," then it pays to have a grant writing portfolio.

  • Photographers have their photos
  • Painters have their painting and displayed in galleries
  • Grant Writers have their grant proposals where?

Hidden away in some electronic file on their computer?

No way! Please say this isn't so. If you are a grant professional you are well aware that grant writers can become very protective of their proposals they have developed.

However, there is no need to hide them from potential clients. Right?

There are a few reasons why you should have a portfolio:

  1. Nearly every potential client will want to see a sample of your work before contracting your services. This is your time to shine.
  2. Many job openings for grant writers will request three samples of your writings before they are willing to even have a conversation with you. You will distinguish yourself from other applicants if you take the time to prepare your work and highlight the best of your experience.
  3. If you want to be treated like a professional you must display your work like a professional. Remember everything communicates something. If your information is displayed in a professional portfolio it will communicate to the perspective client or employee that this person is detailed-oriented.

What should go inside of your portfolio?

Grant proposals right? Yes! And a lot more.

  • The very first thing you want to do is to select a quality three ring portfolio to display your work.
  • I recommend choosing a black, dark brown or burgundy color depending on your preference.
  • Next, get about 50 sheets of the super heavyweight sheet protectors. You can get a pack for about $12-15. Try to avoid the flimsy sheet protectors that come across less impressive.
  • Some portfolios come with a calculator inside and this might be helpful.

Grant Writing Portfolio Essentials

  1. Current Grant Related Resume
  2. References (three or more)
  3. List of Your Successful Grants Secured
  4. Three Sample Grant Proposals (ideally different types)
  5. Letter of Recommendations from Satisfied Customers (This is very valuable)
  6. professional logo Page Displaying Organizations You Have Helped
  7. Certificates and Credentials
  8. Grant Professional Affiliations
  9. Description of Your Services
  10. Professional Business Cards

Where do you take this grant writing portfolio?

Try this on for size grant writers, Everywhere you go! Yes, you never know when you will have the wonderful opportunity to showcase your work and get a new client. Most people will know someone who works for a nonprofit organization, school or university that needs your services.


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