How Bean Counters Destroy Brands – Why Do Customers Love Your company logo design?


Why do customers love your company logo design? Why do they associate themselves with your company logo design? What have you done lately to reinforce this company logo design loyalty - and, what have you done to diminish your company logo design, or do you even know? So often corporations are in such a hurry to save costs, to increase profits that they forget about the customer - those things which drove customers to their brands in the first place - take those things away and the once company logo design-loyal customer migrates to the competition.

Whereas, once a person has personal buy-in to a company logo design, they are unlikely to switch, however if the customer feels abandoned or you don't care about them, you've lost your greatest asset and the strength of your company logo design. One of the easiest ways to cause distrust between customers and companies is to be unfair with return policies, prices, promotions, discounts, loyalty-programs in order to push up the bottom line.

Not long ago I read a survey article from one of the elite company logo design Associations, it indicated that of all the fast food restaurants (QSRs - Quick Service Restaurants) the most famous of all, was reported to have the poorest service, most complaints, and most dissatisfaction, worse, it's now two years running. Ray Kroc would not have been very proud of that. Okay so, let's talk.

As a company logo design Loving Consumer (BLC) myself, I like other BLCs wear a certain company logo design of sports shoes and clothing, eat specific branded foods and go to the premier Branded coffee shop. I've noted something about this particular branded coffee shop with 10s of thousands of outlets everywhere and a very notable green business logo - that the coffee and blended coffee drinks just don't taste the same anymore.

If your customers don't feel you are good to the employees or the employees complain about your company logo design to the customers - you are in for a hard landing. Let's take the minimum wage debate. If employees complain about their pay, hours, shifts, health care benefits or the company in anyway, then the customer will believe them over any corporate communications you deliver via social media or email campaigns.

You may not know this but due to the 'fight for $15/hour minimum wage' we are seeing the rapid deployment of kiosks at QSRs. Doubt this? Well then, please watch the YouTube video titled: "Building a better Mac Donalds, Just for You," on the Micky D's YouTube channel.

Your employees must have company logo design loyalty otherwise your company logo design strength will stop building and fall back, and there is a long way down to go. Don't take my words lightly, think on this.


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