How To Choose A Good Ashtray


Many people usually consider buying cigar cutters, butane lighters and cigar holders from suppliers. However, something that many people often forget getting is the ashtrays for their cigars. Ironically, different ashtrays usually play an important role in ensuring that all the ashes produced when smoking are collected and disposed in the right manner.

Currently, there are so many ashtray designs in the market. Basically, many designers have come up with different ashtray designs that reflect different tastes and preferences of their clients. In addition, many of the ashtrays currently available are made using different materials which range from wood to plastic to metal and even clay. With that said, the following are guidelines that can help you pick the right ashtray when shopping.

One of the most sought after ashtray materials is usually glass. Unlike other materials used in making ashtrays, glass is usually heavy and more attractive. In addition, ashtrays made using glass usually come in different designs and beautiful colors that easily blend in with the surround environment. Some of the glass ashtrays also come with holders that are usually located in strategic areas.

Another good option that you can go for is the metal ashtray. Similar to the glass option, metal ashtrays usually come in different sizes, designs and colors. However, unlike the glass option, metal ashtrays are usually not that attractive. Currently, many metal ashtrays are usually made using materials like iron, zinc and copper.Another great option that you can go for is the ceramic ashtray. Ceramic ashtrays are usually made using clay and most of them usually come in unique designs that are very attractive. However, unlike the two options mentioned earlier, most ceramic trays are usually very fragile and for this reason, you should always pay more attention when handling them so as to avoid breaking them.

Apart from focusing on the material used in making any kind of ashtray, it is also essential to take some time and look at the design. As stated earlier, there are so many different designs that you can actually go for when shopping. A good point to note is that the design you pick should be able to blend in with the surrounding environment.

In line with these, it is essential to always look at the design of the ashtray you plan to buy. Basically, the primary purpose of any ashtray is to hold ashes and prevent any from spilling over at any given time. Thus, look for one that is deep enough to easily hold all the ashes for a good period of time. To add on, ensure that you get a piece that is strong enough to hold a cigar without necessarily tipping over.

Generally, before buying any kind of ashtray, take time to analyze its features and design. Ideally, a good ashtray should be able to provide you with quality services and at the same time be able to blend in well in any area that you place it. In essence, through research, you can easily end up getting the best pieces at affordable prices.


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