Importance of Lanyards


A rope or cord which is used to carry something and worn around the neck is called a lanyards. In old times, these types of rope are used to connect weapons in military, especially the pistol. The main aim behind it is to reduce risk of losing your object and it is correct really lanyards are useful for security of our object. In that time lanyard are made up from different type of rope with various color combination.

Now day's lanyards are manufacture from braided fabrics with metal or plastic clip attached to the end. Were we can attach our objects like identity cards, pens, cameras, MP3 etc. Normally lanyards are mostly use with electronic devices like USB which is very small in size and there are more chances of misplacing it. Second important thing is it is commonly used to display badges, tickets, entrée passes for your identification that menace lanyards are also used for security reasons for example when you want entry in public places like hospitals, prisons, univecities and various corporate offices, security personals give you badges with lanyards of visitors and tell you to worn in your neck it makes easy for them to know your identity.

There are various types of lanyards available in the market today customized lanyards are in most demand with related companies or institutions name logos and slogan, because lanyards played an important role in security process of any organisation.With the help of modern printing technology like offset printing, screen printing, heat transfer, jacquard loom etc its become very easy to produce customize lanyards with related organization name or professional logo.

Now a day's lanyards is also used as a modern technique to circumvent from dangerous accident for example on public transport vehicles like train, if motorman suddenly becomes injured and fall down there fall will pull on the lanyard attached to their wrist and will pull switch to immediately stop the train.


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