Interesting Facts About the Motorhead Band


The group has gone through numerous line up changes, since they ventured, into the world of music; the only constant member in the band was Lemmy Kilmister. Apart from Lemmy being the lead singer of the band, he also featured in various films and television advertisements. The group won their first Grammy Award in 2005. The first album that MotorHead recorded scared, the recording company, which they were working with and this forced, the record label to shelve it.

Larry Wallis and Lucas Fox decided, to quit from the band before the band released their first album. Lemmy had no option but to replace them with Taylor and fast Eddie. The group recorded their first album in 1977, and it was released on a very small recording company. After Motor Head released their first album, they signed a record deal with a big recording company and recorded another album known as overkill. This album was released in 1978. In 1983, Motor Head recruited another guitar player Robertson. Ardent fans of the band, did not like him because of his orange hairstyle and music style. Most fans felt that, Robertson had brought musicianship in the group something, which the band did not require at all. Robertson decided to quit from the band in 1984.

Before Lemmy, formed this band he was previously playing in another popular band known as Hawkwind. But, he was fired from the band in 2005, because of drug problems. He went to London, to establish his own band to avoid being fired again. MotorHead started their music career, in a slow start but they appeared in various Television and Radio Shows. By, 1980s the band music was played by almost all radio stations in United States. The change of the band line up did not interfere, with the touring and release of other albums. Since 2000, Motor Head has released five studio albums. Most of their songs were used in films and movies. Lemmy also wrote theme music, for a professional wrestler, known as Triple H.

In 1994, the band went for a tour with Black Sabbath band in America, Japan, Australia and Argentina. According to music critics, MotorHead was one of the best heavy metal bands, from England that pioneered heavy metal in the 70s and 80s. Since the group, ventured into the world of music, the band has sold over forty million units globally and ten million in America. The band was classified as heavy metal and their fusion, helped to pioneer thrash metal. Most of the band lyrics were about power, drug use, war, sex and relationships. The band professional logo was made in 1977, by Joe Petagno and it appeared, in all the band album covers.


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