Inventory Tags for Effective Inventory Management


Effective inventory management facilitates an organization to achieve its sales targets remarkably, do accurate forecasting, and increase profits. Through the use of various inventory asset tags and inventory labels, organizations can streamline their inventory processes. Inventory management needs to done at various stages, such as production, quality control, sales, and distribution, etc.

Inventory tags are the tags that are used to track the inventory items while they are in production stage, quality inspection stage or when they are moved in or out of the organization. The inventory tags include information, such as company name or venture logo, product name, product code, status, etc. Besides this information, you can include other important information or instructions like repaired by, rejected, or accepted.

Various benefits of inventory tags are:

  • Using Inventory tags you can develop a perfect and useful inventory management system. You can easily know about your current inventory, their status, etc. and help in forecasting sales and distribution as well.
  • You can easily track work in progress and manufactured items that are ready for distribution. It leads to overall customer satisfaction and increased profitability.
  • Inventory tags help you easily locate a product or item while it progresses through the organization. By including barcodes, you can give numbers to your inventory items too.
  • Not just within your organization but it differentiates your items from other similar items outside your company premises as well. In case, you misplace an item, it becomes easy for you to identify which item is missing.
  • Inventory tags come in different varieties. Therefore, you can use different types of inventory tags for different types of inventories. For example- if a particular inventory is to be repaired then to mark this inventory, you can use 'Repair tag'. In case the inventory items are rejected, you can mark these items with 'Rejected tags' so as to differentiate them from the accepted and other items.
  • The other benefit of inventory tags is that you can create professional logo design awareness among public. What you need to do is simply include your company name or venture logo. Once you have included these things, your company name or venture logo goes along with the inventory items with which you have attached your tags.
  • A properly designed inventory tag/label saves valuable inventory management and monitoring time as you can quickly go through the details of the item/product written on the tag.
  • Besides inventory tracking, sales tracking also becomes easier as you can easily count how many and which products you have sold. You can focus on more important issues of the business rather than focusing on the inventory management problems.

What are the different types of inventory tags available at online stores?

There are various types of inventory tags. All you need to do is selecting a right kind of inventory tag that suits your requirement. Various tags are:

  • Manila inventory tags:
    The manila tags come with a tear off stub that can be used for office record keeping. You can fill in the fields provided on these tags.
  • Multi-part inventory tags:
    Manila 2 part or 3 part tags are multi-part inventory tags. These tags have tear-off paper forms. These tags are useful when you need to keep a paper copy for office record keeping.
  • 3-part carbonless tags:
    The 3-part carbonless tags are used to produce two copies for the office. When you write on the top paper, it gets transferred to the underlying paper sheet and the tag itself.
  • Weather proof inventory tags:
    The weather proof inventory tags are best for outdoor purposes. You can even write on these tags with a pen or marker. Mostly these are made of tyvek which is difficult to tear. Thus these tags can be used for long periods.
  • One-part inventory tags:
    One-part inventory tags are consecutively numbered and have a perforated stub. These are suitable for indoor purposes and are not recommended for outdoor use.
  • Multi-part inventory tags:
    The multi-part inventory tags come with an adhesive strip on the back and have a perforated paper on the top that can be used for office record keeping. You can fill in the fields provided on the tag with a pen or marker.
  • OK tags:
    These inventory tags are used with those inventory items which are okay for shipping or sale. Most of the times, these tags have two paper copies. When you write on the top copy, it gets transferred to the second copy and the underlying tag.
  • Accepted tags:
    The accepted tags are used to mark the accepted parts of the inventory. These tags provide a wonderful way to differentiate the accepted items from the other items. You can write on these types of tags too.
  • Rejected tags:
    These tags are used to mark the rejected inventory parts. These tags also provide a writable surface.
  • Inspection tags :
    These tags are used to mark those inventory items which are due for inspection. Thus you can avoid accidental use of those items that are yet to be inspected.

Besides these tags, there are various types of colored blank dots, month of the year label, day of the week labels and more that can used for inventory control and management.

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