Learn the History Behind the Historical Harley Davidson Logo


To uncover a brief history of the Harley Davidson logo design you need to know slightly about the company.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin inside 1901 at the age of 21, William S. Harley davidson drew his initial blueprint of a motor he wanted to place on a bicycle. Bill did not start working Together with partner Arthur Davidson until two years afterward.

When William Harley davidson and Arthur Davidson made the first Harley davidson Davidson motorcycle ?t had been the year 1904. This specific motorcycle was integrated a 10 by 15 foot drop with the words Harley davidson Davidson Motor Corporation hand written in the door.

It seemed to be 1904 when Arthur Davidson's Aunt Alice Davidson painted "Harley Davidson Motor Company" on the door using a red stripe.

The renowned Bar and defend logo in lemon and black seemed to be registered with the particular office in the year 1910. There is no record involving who designed the item or why the line and shield.

logo-template-with-bus_1026-301Before the next logo was performed a few interesting items happened. During Earth War 1 nearly 20, 000 Harley davidson motorcycles were employed by the United States army. Throughout 1920, a man referred to as Leslie Parkhurst out of cash the speed record 23 times. After every earn, the team would please take a victory lap using mascot. The mascot was a pig, which can be where the name "hog" came from and the initial Hog association was created.

The art decoration "eagle" design grew to become the next Harley logo. It was painted in each Harley in 1933 to try and stimulate revenue after the depression.

It was after 1930 when motorcycle bikers were being thought of as bandits, and using the brain and crossbones because their emblem. The company had to change this graphic. Willie G. Davidson came up with the "skull and wings" logo.

For Harley's 50th anniversary a Sixth v logo was made. This specific logo was place on the fender of each 1954 model motorbike.

Today dealers round the country are allowed to improve the logo with Harleys' permission. As an example inside Colorado dealers put mountains behind the main Harley logo.

You can find just about any object with the logo upon it today. From glasses and cups in order to Harley bedding, often the logo is all over.

The Harley Davidson logo is now some sort of $41 million dollar sector.


Harley Company Logo


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