Make Your Event Go Viral


What is the most important part of an event? The people attending. Obviously the show and talent are a big deal too. You need to have something attractive to show off that people would want to see. But bottom line, your attendees make or break the show.

So, how have concert and event promoters been pumping life into the old techniques?

Promo handouts that are useful.

So what makes for a useful handout nowadays? Well, that's debatable depending on what promo company you talk to. Some say the old standbys like shirts, pens, and stickers are the way to go.

More progressive thinkers have been digging into data to determine the best products, which all starts with keywords. The first fact you should know is that there are officially more searches online using mobile devices than desktop computers. The age of mobile has dawned. This was a huge milestone for the relatively young internet, considering nobody saw that mobile devices would take over the search traffic so quickly. That also means that mobile devices are ubiquitous.

I think you see where this is going.

The second fact you should know is that people check their phones upwards of two hundred times a day. Between 150 times and 200 times a day to be exact. That means that a product that caters to screens, like phones or tablets, will get seen many many times a day.

So the direction marketers have been going in is towards products that cater to cell phones and mobile devices.

Hence, screen cleaners or phone wallets. These products are great because they sit on the backs of phones and spread a venture logo or message (say an event or concert) to all who see the phone throughout the day. We have already established that's a lot of impressions per day.

The next step is looking at the trend of keywords searches for these keywords. Year over year for the last two years searches for screen cleaners have risen by 35%. That's a huge influx in activity that can be capitalized on by event promotions.

The reason this is a popular option is that people will definitely use it since they are searching in greater numbers for solutions to clean their screen. They will not only appreciate the handout but take a look at the venture logo or promotion every single day. They will become company logo design ambassadors to the event.



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