Marketing Vogue – Fashionable Ideas for Small-Business Owners


As a small-business owner, it's OK if you're trapped somewhere between the eighties and the early oughties long as your marketing is as in-the-now as the Buddhists. A marketing-mix that's as up-to-date as Coco Rocha's wardrobe might not make you an international celebrity...but it'll definitely help you get paid like one. Take some tips from the fashionistas and makeover your marketing today.

Seasons Change... And so should your marketing plan. Frankly, a one-year marketing plan is too much for most small businesses...a big part of our viability is in our flexibility. To stay au courant, reassess your marketing plan on a quarterly basis - and make sure it suits the season.

Cover the Basics You know you're gonna be living in those blue jeans, so it's worth finding the ones that display your keister to its best advantage. The same holds true for the denim of marketing - your startup logo design identity. Your venture logo and business cards should fit like a second skin...if you have to cuff the legs or leave the button undone it's time for a new pair.

Make it Your Own Sure, wearing a sweater vest isn't for everyone. But building unique marketing collateral that complements your startup logo design identity makes you more memorable...and helps you compete for mind space. You can pair your blue-jean-startup logo design-identity with a blazer of a website or the hoodie of brochures...but ditch the pre-designed template and customize.

Pleats Happen MC Hammer's pants? Madonna's glove? The eighties? Mistakes are inevitable and, in fact, constitute a big chunk of the growth process. Marketing mishaps are a certainty, and the best way to learn from them is to track them. Assiduously tracking your marketing dollar's ROI is like looking at your high school class reminds you what not to do.


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