More Personalized Mobile Content


The Scoop:

The latest partnership between CBS Mobile and Aggregate Knowledge makes it possible for mobile Internet users to obtain the most relevant content for their personal needs. In this one of a kind platform, CBS and Aggregate combine their areas of expertise to deliver “discovery and recommendation technology on mobile web sites.” This development will make content and advertisements more tailored and targeted than ever before.

What to Expect:

Users who visit CBS Mobile News will be able “to see and receive content recommendations based on what is being viewed, clicked, and read…” In essence, these recommendations are tailored to what the user will find most interesting. If a person is reading about super delegates, for instance, they could be led to a story about the democratic primaries. CBS Mobile News consumers will receive article suggestions throughout the day, which they can simply view by clicking the “Your Headlines” link at the top of the screen. The minds behind this new partnership ultimately hope to engage their audience with more personalized content.

Mobile Advertising:

Just as people’s interests and habits can be traced to obtain more relevant content, so too can their interests and wants be traced to view the most relevant ads. Once mobile marketers understand the full benefits of this new medium, consumers can expect to see more tailored ads that fit their personal tastes. No longer will 17-year-old skateboarders have to be subjected to dish washing detergent ads, but they will view things that actually interest them. Imagine only seeing the ads that we cared about… This development could be upon us sooner than we think.


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