Nebraska Football Helmet – A History


Since the 1960's, Nebraska has stored a very consistent sports helmet design. They may have always had a quite conservative design; they have got never had a cheesy or unusual style, even for a special event like a Bowl Sport. In 1960, Nebraska had a red headgear with a white strip and the player's range on the side (e. gary the gadget guy. 22). In 1961, apparently the power that be believed that even which will design was as well colorful and action-packed and instead opted for the white helmet using black numbers on either side. This Nebraska sports helmet design is mostly about as plain since you can get for a sports helmet. In 1966, the numbers converted to red and a reddish colored vertical stripe came out on the helmet at last. The white background red stripe have never eventually left the helmet since that time.

The red quantities lasted just one typical season before these folks were dropped altogether. In lieu of have the player's range on the side of the headgear, the letters "NU", made their way to the headgear for the Sugar Serving game in 1967 and remained devote full seasons. Throughout the third season on this helmet design (1969), a "100" decal appeared on the entrance of the football headgear. It was football-shaped within blue with white colored numbers outlined within red. The "100" marked the 100 year anniversary in the chartering of College or university of Nebraska-Lincoln.

From 1970 to 1981, the Cornhuskers stored the exact same design. Typically the helmet had a white colored background, a reddish colored vertical stripe, along with the letter "N" substituted "NU". This sports helmet looks just like today's design with a single exception. In 1982, the team switched in the basic gray facemask to the red facemask. For almost 30 yrs, that same precise design has remained. Typically the "N" is about because plain as you can obtain. It has no serifs and looks like your simple Arial font uppercase "N" that you could style on any statement processing program. The idea probably fits well into your image of the program like a hard-working, Midwestern university, where they choose to run the baseball up the middle. In a variety of ways it is the antithesis connected with some of the flashier layouts out there at educational institutions like Oregon, Baltimore, and Boise Status. There is not even a different company logo like the Arizona Longhorn or the Fl State spear. Taking a look at this football headgear, you can start to see so why the cold weather, Decay Belt schools in the Big Ten were being quick to declare the Cornhuskers with regard to full conference membership rights in 2010.


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