Nike Dual-Sided Yoga Mat Review


If there's a person custom logo design people keep company with sports it has got to get Nike. They make just about all related, and most will be pretty good. Take their particular running line-up such as; the lunar sequence receives worldwide compliment for their design in addition to comfort. Not to mention the object range going through high to excessive, the 2011 assortment being especially remarkable. When a company along with such a track record arrives with a yoga cushion, one has to ask yourself: how good is it? Time for you to find out.


Whatever transpires this product is specific by DNA. Typically the dual sided cushion does exactly what you would expect it to do, providing two sides. Each party contains a different feel, which theoretically is important depending on the sports a person practise. However in real world I found no main reasons to prefer a person side to the other, so that i will make no foreseeable future mention of this inside remainder of this assessment.

The Nike double sided yoga cushion is definitely a skull turner, partly thanks to the incredible slim form of just 3mm thicker. What also helps will be the texture on both facets, what Nike says will help improve the proper grip - a lay claim I full heartedly believe. The cushion also comes with a helpful strap construction simple transportation.

The sizes are 66" very long and 24" large. I found this to get exactly the right measurement for me, and I am just pretty tall becoming close to 6 foot 1 . Odds are it will be the perfect fit.

Overall the design is pretty fulfilling. The little Nike specialist logo in the area will satisfy custom logo design watchers, while the structure give it a distinct appearance. Although its sweeping design will definitely discover some opposing years.

In use

The Dolomite dual sided meditation mat promises amazing grip and functionality, two claims I came across to be true available. This mat definitely supplies the grip when you need it. Straight down dogs, hovers, pushups and triangle postures are all easy to accomplish, something not all pads can claim. Typically the practicality is also a provided thanks to the strings that accompany it. Yoga course instructors will find this mat an acceptable companion wherever they're going.

Good points besides, the product definitely contains a fair share of difficulties. One morning I put built up a large sweat and the cushion failed to absorb this, creating a sudden stop to the grip. Additionally it is very thin and often hurts my hips in curtain opportunities, a big problem for any product that does claim to be a yoga cushion. Finally, after a thirty day period of use, the double sided yoga cushion is already showing first signs of wear and tear. Typically the glue between the a couple sides is enabling go around the perimeters, potentially fatal.


Nike has delivered an item that can best manifest as a mixed bag of enjoyment and pure repugnance. The yoga cushion is definitely good-looking, sensible and has the perfect sizes. 3 points nearly all mats already are unsuccessful of. Then there is certainly the flipside; an item that offers almost no shock reduction and already exhibits wear after a weeks of use. Ultimately deficiency of comfort and durability causes this a dodgy invest in for yogis, exactly what a shame. (***


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