Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Clients Or Employees


Ah tis the season again and the dreaded question is upon business owners everywhere: What is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for clients or employees?

Well, luckily we have some great ideas for your holiday season.

1. A promotional product giveaway with your company message or company logo on it. This is a tried and true method that has been taken advantage of for years and years. Remember when snuggies came out? I received a bundle of snuggies from a law firm I worked at, with their company logo all over the thing. Guess what? I still use that snuggie to this day and will never ever forget that gift. Other good gifts that have been hitting the trade show circuits heavily are USB chargers with custom logos or screen cleaner stickers for phones and tablets with a custom message on it. Not only do you keep your business logo design in circulation, you make people happy with actually useful handouts.

2. Gift cards that are prepaid and readily available for use. I absolutely love to dump out a stocking full of amazon gift cards. I immediately know I will be able to use them whenever I want and that they will definitely get used. Another great option is your local coffee shop near your place of business. This helps a local business and also provides something people go crazy over, coffee.

3. Fun gifts. Did you know there are screaming monkey stuffed animals that you can put your company logo on? Said screaming monkeys have elastic arms that you can pull back and then shoot the thing across your office, all the while making the classic monkey screech. Clients or employees alike would have an absolute time of their lives with a stocking stuffer like that.

4. Give your service or goods away for free. Drop a coupon or gift certificate for your own services into stockings this year. If your service is that good and you know your lifetime value of a client, give a little away for free in order to solidify your business logo design.

Yes, pens, cocoa packets, and mugs will still be ordered in great quantities this year, but why do something that is so played out? The point of a stocking stuffers for your clients or employees is to solidify your business logo design space in their minds. The best way to do it is to give them something that is not only useful but also novel.


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