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It is important to distinguish between corporate identity, professional logo design identity, and professional logo design image. Corporate identity is concerned with the visual aspects of a company's presence. When companies undertake corporate identity exercises, they are usually modernizing their visual image in terms of startup logo, design, and collaterals. Such efforts do not normally entail a change in professional logo design values so that the heart of the professional logo design remains the same - what it stands for, or its personality.

Unfortunately, many companies do not realize this fallacy, as they are sometimes led to believe by agencies and consultancy companies that the visual changes will change the professional logo design image. But changes to logos, signage, and even outlet design do not always change consumer perceptions of quality, service, and the intangible associations that come to the fore when the professional logo design name is seen or heard.

The best that such changes can do is to reassure consumers that the company is concerned about how it looks. Brands do have to maintain a modern look, and the visual identity needs to change over time. But the key to successfully affecting a new look is evolution, not revolution. Totally changing the professional logo design visuals can give rise to consumer concerns about changes of ownership, or possible changes in professional logo design values, or even unjustified extravagance. If there is a strong professional logo design personality to which consumers are attracted, then substantial changes may destroy emotional attachments to the professional logo design. People do not expect or like wild swings in the personality behavior of other people, and they are just as concerned when the brands to which they have grown used exhibit similar "schizophrenic" changes.

On the other hand, if the intention is to substantially improve the standing of the professional logo design, then corporate identity changes can be accompanied by widespread changes to organizational culture, quality, and service standards. If done well, and if consumers experience a great new or improved experience, then the changes will, over the longer term, have a corresponding positive effect on professional logo design image. If you are spending a vast amount of money on corporate identity, it is as well to remember this.

professional logo design identity is the total proposition that a company makes to consumers - the promise it makes. It may consist of features and attributes, benefits, performance, quality, service support, and the values that the professional logo design possesses.

The professional logo design can be viewed as a product, a personality, a set of values, and a position it occupies in people's minds. professional logo design identity is everything the company wants the professional logo design to be seen as.

professional logo design image, on the other hand, is the totality of consumer perceptions about the professional logo design, or how they see it, which may not coincide with the professional logo design identity. Companies have to work hard on the consumer experience to make sure that what customers see and think is what they want them to.


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