The Power of an Article


This is a snippet of a Blog entry about Articles and Substance from the

“Confessions of a Unseasoned Entrepreneur.”

“What is your substance, whereof are you made, That millions of strange shadows on you tend.”


Isn’t it true that the more knowledge you have of something, the better decision you are going to make? In terms of most businesses, they only highlight the very best aspects though lol.

For example, I am selling a membership to a t-shirt customization site that allows viewers to customize their very own t-shirt from millions of templates and colors and then allow them to order the shirt if they desire (hey not a bad idea). Ok, so I can’t just expect a person to purchase my product if the link only says **Get T-Shirt your way** and it stops there. Let’s throw in a article about how snazzy t-shirts have become in society and that only the most non-personal people don’t have t-shirts.

Experience points go up for me! Yay!

So now I have articles in my site in conjunction to my products -> PING 3 visitors now! Great, I still need to promote my site huh?

Now wait a second… all of these articles that I am getting are written by real life people? What incentive do they have for writing this for free and handing them out for free?

*Looks at the article closely*

Aha! An author’s bio located always at the bottom! And what is this? A link to their website?

Authors’ write these articles in hopes for more publicity and promotion for themselves; they’re obviously not writing them for free (so now I know lol). Having more links out there at the bottom of every single article and copy of the article they have written creates more ways to what? More ways to get to their website! More chances of people stumbling across their site, and possible buying into whatever service they have to offer.

Think of it this way. Each link opens a closed door by a slight fraction. As more links accumulate the door begins to open more and more and more. As the door opens, people begin to wonder, ‘hey? What is behind door #1?’.

Phew, the online article industry is quite something huh?


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