Using Compliments Slips: Recommended Advice For Your Employees


If you run a successful, well-organized and professional company, then you will almost certainly keep a store of comp slips in your stationery cupboard.

Used properly, comp slips have an effective and well-defined function but, because they are less formal than letters, business owners should consider compiling a brief protocol regarding how and when to use them.

Recommended general advice

  • Remember that comp slips are less formal than letters and, in most cases, they should not be used as a shortcut when a letter is the appropriate mode of communication.
  • The main exception to this is when files or documents need to be sent with such urgency that there is not time to write a full letter. Obviously, the priority here is to get the relevant delivery in the mail. However, if an employee does this, they should be encouraged to make a follow up telephone call or e-mail explaining why a full letter has been omitted.
  • As a general guide, they should only contain a sentence or so of information. Therefore, if more text is required, employees should be advised to write a proper letter.
  • Comp slips should not be used if the employee does not have a familiar relationship with the client or business contact – they are too informal.
  • If delivery of certain documents is requested by a customer, client or business associate, this might be an appropriate time to use a compliments slip. This is because the other party has instigated the contact and will be expecting the delivery, so an explanation is not required.


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