Various Types of Umbrellas


Whether the day is sunny or rainy, your favorite umbrella can come to your rescue and protect you from the harshness of weather. They allow you to head out the door and complete your work without being affected by any type of weather condition. There are many umbrella manufacturers who have come up with unique designs, styles and patterns to match the different requirement of customers.

You can now get custom umbrellas designed to match your specific requirements. You can select fabric, material, design, pattern and color of your choice to get a personalized piece of accessory. Here are some common types of umbrellas widely available in the market:

Classic- This is one of the most common types of umbrellas available in modern times. It has maintained its popularity over the time and is made from wood, metal or polyester shaft. The canopy is made from microfiber fabrics.

Pocket- Small, portable and lightweight, they are the best to be carried in your jacket pocket and used in emergency situations. They can serve you best when you are suddenly caught in the rain. But, this type of umbrella is not designed to protect you from strong winds or prolonged stay in the rain.

Automatic- You can open and close these types of umbrellas using a single hand. They are small and can be easily carried in a purse or backpack. You just have to press a button to open them.

Bubble- They are spherical in shape and their canopy is taller than the regular ones. They are made with transparent plastic material to help you see where you are going in the rain.

Artistic- Many designers today are coming up with unique and intricately designed umbrellas made with rare materials. They are a little costly and may not be easily available.

Golf- They are designed specifically for golfers and can be easily carried in a golf bag. They have a canopy diameter of 70 inches and can save multiple golfers during sudden rains.

Storm- Made from reinforced materials, they can withstand extreme wind speeds and rain conditions. They can protect you from winds up to 55 miles per hour.

Paper- They first appeared over 2000 years ago and since then, are serving not only as a useful tool but also, as a religious symbol.

Umbrellas are an important accessory widely used by people across the globe. Buying them from an umbrella factory proves to be very affordable.


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