Why Should I Pay for a Logo Design When I Can Do It Myself?

When you start up your own business, there will be a million and one things to do, and one of the many things sitting buried somewhere deep in your ever expanding to-do list will be to design a business logo.

With so many things to do, it can be easy to overlook the importance of having a professional logo design and you may be tempted to just rush one out yourself, or just garb a free image or some clip-art. Alternatively, the reason why you might decide to design your own logo is because it will save you some money.

If any of that sounds familiar and you are thinking of designing your own business logo, here just some of the reasons why you would be better off paying a professional to design your business logo.


DIY logos can cost you dearly in the long run

You may well be able to save a few dollars by designing your own logo, but if you get it wrong, it can be an extremely costly mistake to put right. By the time you notice that your own homemade logo really doesn’t cut it, it will probably already have been printed on all your stationery and your marketing material, and the logo will have been plastered all over your website and social media accounts too. That’s going to be a very time consuming and expensive mistake to fix.


You have better things to do

Quite apart from anything else, you will have more than enough on your plate setting up a new business, without having to spend hours and hours fiddling around designing a logo. Professional logo designing can actually be quite a time consuming task and, if you rush it, it’s very likely that your logo won’t look good at all.



You are not as artistic as you think you are

If you have your logo professionally designed, the design will be created by a professional graphic designer who is in that business because they have an eye for such things. While you may think that you have the artist in you, some things are just best left to the professionals.



A professional logo designer will bring new ideas to the table

A professional logo designer will be used to coming up with imaginative ways to represent a business graphically, so they are quite likely to come up with new ideas for your business that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. As one of the objectives of a logo is to make a business stand out from the competition, a fresh, new and different looking logo design can be a very valuable commodity.


It will make your business look a lot more professional

If you design your own logo, unless you really are artistic and you do a great job, people probably will be able to tell that it is a do-it-yourself logo and that will have an impact on how people perceive your business. A professionally designed logo shows that you care about your business and you take pride in what you do and that infers that your services or product will be high quality as well.

A business logo is one of the first things that a prospective customer will notice about a business, especially if it’s not a very good one, and they will make an instant assessment of your business based on those first impressions. That’s why the small cost of using professional logo services to help you with your business branding is such a good investment.


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