Wild Eyes Contact Lens – Express Yourself


Do you want to be a panther or a lion? How about a zombie or a dragon? Wild Eyes contact lenses (by CIBA Vision) are perfect for letting your inner animal out and you will be the life of the party. Numerous styles, types and colors are available so let us see what is out there for you.

You might also hear other names like Halloween, theatrical, special effects or even novelty contact lenses. They all pretty much refer to the various wild eyes contact lenses that dramatically alter the look of your eyes. What we are talking about is more than enhancing or altering your eye color, these wild eyes contacts will make your eyes stand out in any crowd.

There are literally hundreds of designs and styles on the market today, your toughest task will be figuring out which ones you want. The most popular novelty contact lenses are the yellow cat (makes you look like a lion or panther), blood shot, hynoptica (a mesmerizing black and white swirl for the witches and warlocks among us). Other popular choices include zebra patterns, spider webs, alien, orange eyes, smileys and stars.

If you simply want to change or enhance your eye color, less wild options are available. These options include enhancement tints, visibility tints and color tints. These types of contacts are more for enhancing your existing eye color not changing them as dramatically as the novelty contacts.

Wild Eyes contact lenses are available in prescription or plano (no prescription required). You should always consult your eye care professional when ordering novelty contact lenses. They will guide you and most importantly give you tips to properly care for your lenses. After all, these contacts are still considered medical devices.

Safety Tips

Wild eyes contact lenses are not designed for long term wear, so never wear them longer than directed by the manufacturer and never sleep in them overnight.

As with other contact lenses, wild eye contact lenses must be handled properly when inserting and removing to avoid injury or infection. Remember:

- Wash hands thoroughly with a mild soap and dry hands with a lint free cloth

- Rinse your lens thoroughly with the recommended cleaning solution

- Place the lens on the tip of your index finger

- With your other hand hold up your upper lid to avoid blinking

- Using a finger other than your index finger on your applying hand, pull down your lower eye lid

- Look up to the ceiling and slowly apply the lens to the white part of the eye

- Slowly release your eye lids, close your eyes for a few seconds then blink a few times

- If uncomfortable, remove and check for damage. If damaged, discard. If not rinse and repeat above procedure

- Repeat procedure for the other contact lens

Please do not skip any of the above safety steps. You should be having fun with your wild eye contacts and not having to worry about eye injury or eye infections. Never ever by contact lens over the counter. Always consult with your eye doctor and get a prescription if needed. If you are going to be ordering on line make sure you order from a reputable site.

Any reputable site MUST have at least one of the following security features logos: VeriSign Secured business logo, Cyber Trust Secured, BBB Online Reliability, Secured by Thawte or Scan Alert Hacker Safe. You can also have a look at customer reviews at Bizrate, which gives you info on important things like: Would Shop Here Again, On Time Delivery, Customer Service and Product Met Expectations.

I hope this article was helpful, now it is time to go express yourself and have fun with your wild eyes contacts.

Happy contact lens hunting.


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