5 Types of Drink Coasters


Drink coasters are little mats placed under the mug or cup to protect the surface beneath from heat scars or liquid discolorations. The coaster will come in plenty of different designs and materials. In addition, the dimension is definitely slightly larger than underneath surface of a cup. They also have the added benefit from reducing noise via mugs and eyeglasses as they are put down. Let us discuss five of the most famous types of drink coasters:


The drink coasters in glass are usually made using a high quality tempered glass that is certainly easily able to handle the heat of warm drinks like coffee and tea. Most of these coasters include four little legs that help to raise the glass over a surface of the family table or desk to stop heat damage. Cup is a favorite decision for many because of its classy and sophisticated appearance.

Stainless steel

The coasters in stainless steel are perfect promotional giveaways as well as corporate gifts as a result of ease in decoration with a special information. A unique message might be engraved on the surface making use of either the sleeping pad printing or laser light method. For relieve in picking up this coasters, they are often created with a little lip set up, while a plastic backing makes sure this coasters stay in area and don't slide about.

Bonded leather

Bonded natural leather coasters are a really low-cost solution to promote your company. This type of coasters is regularly made use of by food and beverage suppliers, catering services together with culinary schools for this function. Bonded leather put in at home to mark using a message or personalized logo. Plus, the items makes it naturally immune to water and moving.

Liquid filled

The solution filled coasters are among the most popular and eye-catching and still have a very unique and trendy finish. These coasters are filled with a non-toxic liquid in many colours, and provide a really novel piece to use on a bar as well as kitchen counter. A lot like any of the other coasters, this type can also be branded with a design, personalized logo, or information. The unique mark is definitely added to the coaster using the latest monitor printing technologies.


The ceramic coasters created out of clay and often professional or amateur made, which can be great for those considering pottery. Once the clay surfaces is dry, this coaster is finished using a hand painted design to have more unique appearance. This type of coaster is ideal for outdoor or indoors use, but added care should be used because this material is very breakable.


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