Camera Design Service Vendors Gearing Up for a New Phase With New Standards


Not many companies are trained with camera designs and their tweaks and hence few players are moving towards custom development of board cameras and smart vision sensors based on different processors. Also with the advent of a few cameras and camera architectures, companies are in possession of a strong base to construct new products.

Some organizations can design cameras to customer requirements in short timelines too.

The Challengesattachment_78215074

Companies frequently face the challenge of meeting hardware and software design specifications of the camera.

High definition pictures might have to be clicked at regular intervals, sometimes in a fraction of another! Some companies now opt for drones that will house several cameras, and then try to stitch and synchronise the images simultaneously, so your shots can be obtained from all possible angles.

Also the core challenge here is to lessen the camera size since the product has to be a marketable product that also needs to be considerably affordable.

For such a camera design, companies strike a balance with its hardware design, PCB design, Bootloader porting, and the efforts expended on Device drive modification, Camera app development and Testing procedures.

The dependence on integrated camera solutions

Integrated camera solutions with small, lightweight, and inexpensive 5 Megapixel camera with an sufficient CMOS sensor is in great demand in the market. These solutions include the snapshot mode and the continuous mode at various resolutions. The MiniSD card works for local storage for such cameras.

The solution also includes an external trigger for Camera synchronization, instinctive photo captures, and so on.

Such companies offer independent camera design offerings including

• Prototype development

• Complete board design and Mechanical design
• uBoot and Kernel changes
• Porting on new hardware

• Production support

• CMOS and CCD sensor integration

• Monochrome, Color, and near IR development

• Embedded processor development including FPGA and ARM processors

• Standard/ Custom mounting options
• Robust enclosures suitable for industrial camera use

• Integrated LIGHT EMITTING DIODE lighting

Types of Cameras for Different Applications

• 3 megapixel Cameras with color and monochrome sensors

• 2K Line Scan Camera compliant with DCAM standard

• VGA cameras with onboard DSP
• Line-scan sensor integrated with DSP
• A PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) High Definition 720p or 1080p 30fps conferencing camera with autofocus

• Linescan camera setup with onboard image processing
Custom cameras are developed for integrate the mandatory sensor, optics or mounts. These cameras also include autofocus feature, lighting setup, enclosure material based on the environment, ruggedness to shocks and vibrations, and adherence to several safety and regulatory compliances.

Benefits offered by built-in cameras and their design proposed by the best vendors

attachment_78253076• Paid off time for development: The company's experience in designing imaging services and products and solutions is vital and hence becomes the differentiating factor in the faster process execution of design and building cameras.

• Reduced cost: The platform based development model reduces the cost of development of camera services and products considerably. Nowadays offshore companies can even lower the cost of development particularly when they are developed from scratch.

• Application Support: Support at the application level is vital especially in context with image processing algorithm development. Years of expertise and experience in imaging and image processing boil down to the efficiency rendered all through support. Also an organization with resources that have previous system integration experience would relate solely to customer needs and pain points too.

• Integrated Solutions: Companies who are certified for CE, FCC, and UL will always strive to obtain the prototype ready on the basis of the design in terms of ingress, temperature, and other specifications.


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