Customized Polo Shirts for Less


Customized polo shirts can be a great way to create a uniform look for a special occasion. It may be for a golf tournament or it may be for a family gathering. No matter what the occasion is, you can find great options out there that don't cost you much. Quality is important as well as overall design.

When it comes to cheap custom polos, you need to evaluate the options. Don't be in a rush to go with the lowest price as it may not offer you the best outcome. You need shirt that hold up and that look great. You don't want to wear them if they don't turn out nice. You also don't want to pay for them and they start to follow apart after a few times of wearing them.

Pick your Product

Once you have evaluated potential providers of cheap custom polos, look around to see what they offer. Most providers will have several items for you to pick from. You can decide on the style, color, and other elements of the shirt before you proceed. You also need to make sure they have all the size you will need.

Most providers of cheap custom polos offer all sizes. This includes children, youth, and adult. They have both men's and women's sizes available. They should range from small to XX large. If they are limited with sizes, it may not work for you and the people you are going to buy the shirts for.

Choose your Design

Once you know the shirt you want, choose your design. When you shop online for cheap custom polos, you can look at designs they offer. You can also upload your own images and logos. It is fun and easy to select them and add them to the page. You can change the font, colors, size of the design and more. You get to create what they will look like.

Estimated Cost

Based on the cheap custom polos you pick and the design, you can get an estimated cost per item. Such information can help you to decide if you would like to proceed with the order. You may wish to compare prices on several sites before you decide who you will make the purchase from.

Discounts for Multiple Items

You may be able to get a discount too when you order multiple items. The first item is going to include the set up for the shirt. If you order a large quantity of the cheap custom polos, the cost per unit is going to be decreased. Typically, the more of them you buy, the more savings they will extend to you.


Find out what the shipping costs will be for your order. Many providers offer free shipping when you buy a certain number of items or spend a certain dollar amount. Others will charge you based on the weight of the items to be shipped. If you would like expedited shipping, it will typically cost you more.

Find out if they will ship the items with tracking. This ensures you can find out where your order is if you don't get it when you expected it. This makes it easier to file a claim should you not get your items. You will be able to verify they didn't show up.

How long will it take for them to make your shirts and ship them? It often depends on how many you order and the design. It also depends on how many orders they have ahead of yours to complete. If you need them for a particular event, you need to make sure they can get them completed and shipped in plenty of time.


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