Design Web Pages for Art’s Sake or Data?


Should your home page become a work of art, or ought it to concentrate on providing valuable information?

As revealed below, the answer is equally. The web page need to first have ample information for the engines like google to index that and show it inside the results of a search, but in addition be sufficiently attracting encourage the visitor and learn more.

Compare web pages along with other media:

  • A brochure is acquired by the reader, or perhaps handed to the viewer, and therefore a search is not necessary. A brochure's cover page can be a work of art with no details, but it already contains the reader. The information is usually all inside within great or tiny detail, or the inside of can be all pics. It doesn't matter because really already in the reader's hand, without any seek.
  • A print out advertisement is already inside the publication the reader offers purchased. Readers are generally unable to avoid finding them when converting the page.
  • Television and stereo advertisements find most readers who are viewing or listening. Viewers don't need to search for these people.

Satisfy this search:

A site must first continue to work hard to find a reader since they can be relevant to a search. This specific relevance is only accomplished by words which the search engine optimization can index, not necessarily pictures.

Only one of the most relevant are seen:

It must be more related than possibly twenty million other websites containing the same seek words. Who would want to look for that site on page 99 or perhaps page 999999 on the search results. Usually, in the event the web page is not in the first 2 or 3 search engine optimization pages it won't be observed by the average web surfer. The effort spent so that it is a work of skill is wasted when nobody sees that.

Look good:

The web page must after that encourage further desire by looking professionally specially designed. A visitor won't health care if your favorite 9 year old nephew lost a lot of time to build that, instead of going outside to experience. If your website won't look professional today, you lose the visitor.

Be easy to follow:

But acquiring reached the visitor while in front of ten million competiting web pages, with an interesting website containing every one of the words the visitor sought for, the information on the website also needs to be clear annd straightforward to navigate. Visitors interested in at a glance whether you might have the answer to their concern, whether you have this product they are looking for, having price and distribution. A brochure or perhaps print advertisement could have all those, but the targeted visitor can always the particular brochure or advertising down to read in the future. A web page need to engage the visitor generally there and then, in case many people get distracted and find their long ago.


A web page need to be both attractive and also the precise product information rich in order to complete its job, but since it's not found in research online it's a waste of time together with money.


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