Fortis Watches – The Top Five Fortis Watches for Men


The Fortis line of watches are yet another example of the excellence of Swiss watch engineering. In 1912, Fortis began designing watches for the working man, and they soon became a company that made timepieces of both impeccable style and quality. Fortis watches are the official watch-supplier of the Russian space program and the International Space Station. They are considered some of the most well-made and accurate mens Fortis watches on the market today.

The Fortis Men's Marinemaster Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch

The Fortis B-42 Marine Master Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch carries with it a classic style in a sharp sleek black coloring. It has an automatic self-wind movement which features twenty-five jewels and an incabolic shock-absorber. The case is a durable stainless steel, and the both the face and dials are black with orange accents. The wristband is made of flexible rubber and it sells online for a little over $6,000.

Customers who have reviewed the Fortis B-24 Marine Master Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch have used words such as "unmatchable quality and precision" and "worth every penny." It is also considered to be one of the easier Fortis watches to use, with the legibility of its displays and the ease of setting time, being some of the top reasons customers continue to purchase this watch.

The Fortis Mens Official Cosmonauts Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch

This particular Fortis mens watch, the Fortis Mens Official Cosmonauts Automatic Black Dial Watch, was created for an active lifestyle. It comes with a silver stainless steel case, that almost has the look of titanium, and it has a black stainless steel bezel. Its window is anti-reflective and made from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The black dial has luminous hour and minute hands that stand in stark contrast to the white Arabic numerals. There is a luminous triangle on the face as well. It has three chronographs with date display and a stainless steel wristband. It is water resistant and sells for around $4,000 online.

This Fortis watch has the customer reputation of being one of the most accurate of the Fortis watches in this line and more durable than showy. Its face is considered very attractive and sleek, with an accuracy that is unmatched by most other watches in its class. It has positive reviews from athletes, and others, who have purchased this style Fortis watch in order to time even the fraction of a second with exact precision.

Fortis Men's Flieger Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch

The Fortis Flieger Automatic Chronograph Black Dial Watch is one of durability and affordability. It comes in a silver stainless steel case and, also, has a stainless steel bezel. The wristband is made of calfskin, and the window is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The black face contrasts nicely with the white luminous dials and Arabic numerals. There are three chronographs for date display and it is water resistant. It sells for close to $3,000.

Customers and reviewers have described this watch as being classic and well-made, but very attractive. It is said to be worth the price and, over-all, a very durable timepiece. It is described by buyers as being "uncluttered" and "undramatic", but still very striking. It is considered the most iconic of the Fortis watches, and is well-liked for its classic design.

The Fortis Men's Spacematic GMT Watch

This is one of the more popular Fortis watches and is known for its accuracy, and with its black face and dial against white numerals it is easy to read the time that is held so well by this popular Fortis timepiece. It comes with a silver stainless steel case and has a black stainless steel bezel. The window is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that protects an easy-to-read date display. The Spacematic is water resistant and sells online for a little over $2,000.

The Fortis Mens Spacematic GMT Watch is known by its satisfied owners as being, both, classy and solid. It is a weighty watch that many purchase for its substance and durability. It can be worn in and out of the water for long periods of time, and so it is considered an excellent watch for either work or play.

The Fortis Mens Marinemaster Automatic White Dial Watch

This visually impressive version of the Fortis Marinemaster is unique among its peers. It comes in a solid and heavy silver stainless steel case embossed with the official startup logo of the Russian space program. It has a white dial and face with black Arabic numerals. The day and date are displayed in, both, English and German, and the blue second hand is nicely accented against the black hour and minute hands. The window comes in scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and it is water resistant beyond 650 feet. This is one of the Fortis watches to really consider if you are a diver or take part in water sports. There are different models of this particular watch ranging from $2,000 to $4,500.

This is the number one selling Fortis watch on, and it easy to see why. It is durable, stylish, and extremely accurate. Some of the claims that it was the official watch of the Russian space program seem to be in question, but what is not in question, is that it is of such great quality that it can, indeed, withstand use in a space shuttle. Though it is marked by its style, it is also a solid, take-to-work kind of watch that will not fail its user.

The Fortis Marine Master White Dial Watch continues to be sold out at many of its online locations. It is so popular that it often has to be pre-ordered and many internet watch dealers have waiting lists for their customers. Fortis watches for men are uncluttered and, yet, attractive.

They are so durable a cosmonaut can take them to space, a diver can keep them on while going scuba, and so accurate a sprinter can use his Fortis in replacement of his athletic stopwatch. The Marinemaster, Cosmonaut, and Spacematic models of mens Fortis watches are some of the top sellers online and in stores, without question. With their reputation and engineering prowess, it is not difficult to understand why so many choose Fortis as their venture logo design of choice.


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