Get Your Business Seen All Over the Place


One of the clever ways to market your business is with promotional bags. Anywhere the person takes it, others can see your information. They will also think about your business when they use it. If you offer them a well-made product, they will use it on a regular basis. This is a simple but effective way to grow your customer base. It can also generate repeat business.

Spend some time observing people walking down the street in any given location. How many of them had bags with business information on them? Most of them didn't but there were plenty of people with bags as a convenient accessory. This is why it is such a lucrative marketing ploy to take part in.

On one hand, you are offering people a product that they can use. It is far more practical than many of the other promo items often circulating. At the same time, this is ongoing free advertising for your business Every time someone takes such a bag out with them, there is the opportunity for someone new to have access to your business details.

Information to Include

With promotional bags, you have plenty of room to advertise your business. Include your name, phone number, website, company logo and even a slogan. You can choose to print the same information on both sides or you can have different information on each side. With so much space, the information can be in large lettering.

This means people can get information about your business without having to be up close and personal with the person carrying one of these promotional bags. That is an exciting tool you should be taking advantage of with your marketing efforts.

Think about a design that is attractive and gets attention. There are plenty of colours and styles for you to pick from. Find something that is reflective of your business and what it is all about. You need the items to look professional, well made, and to do the job they were created for. Don't offer anything you don't feel proud to stand behind!


Think about overall comfort with the design of the promotional bags. You want something that is a good size and also comfortable to carry around. The straps should be thick and they should be made from a material that won't dig into a person's shoulders. If they aren't comfortable carrying it around, they aren't going to be using it on a regular basis.

They shouldn't be too flimsy either the item simply won't be able to hold all of the items the average person needs when they are out and able. If your product doesn't offer them efficiency, they aren't going to fill it up and taking with them when they leave home.

Recycled Materials

Consider having them made from recycled materials. Such promotional bags are just as nice looking and top quality as those made from new materials. Yet this is a sound message to your customer base that the business cares about the environment. It shows that you plan to set a good example to do your part.

This can carry plenty of weight with potential customers. Often, many will pick a company going this route versus a business that doesn't do anything for the environment. It is part of their commitment to making changes one step at a time.


When you offer promotional bags, they need to be durable and made from excellent materials. Otherwise, they aren't going to last very long. They can fall apart or develop a hole in the bottom. Look for materials that are machine washable too. Then the user can toss the bag in with a load of laundry to keep it looking crisp and new.


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