How Google Got a Cool Name and You Can Too


You have to hand the idea to the billionaires from Google. Everything they will touch turns to be able to gold. Just look into the skyrocketing value of this company. $160 billion around three years flat.

Now company founders Sergey Brin and Ray Page can afford to purchase cool cars (Tesla electric roadster), chill with cool buddies (Bono), and journey around in a entirely cool private aircraft (customized Boeing 767).

Even the name of the corporation is cool. Is actually so cool, it has become a verb. Nowadays, everybody in the world will be 'Googling' this and even 'Googling' that. A person would think that a label as cool since Google must have be very expensive. You'd be wrong.

In fact, the Yahoo and google name didn't expense Sergey and Ray a dime. That's since, like many of the tour's best known business logo design names, the guys running the company came up with its name themselves.

Funny Story

The story behind this Google name will be kind of funny, in fact.

As a couple of figures dweebs, Sergey and even Larry decided to label the company after a seriously big number known as "Googol" - that is certainly the number 1 and then 100 zeroes. It turned out a clever attempt to communicate the humongous volume of websites their fresh fancy new search results could search super fast.

With a great product or service and a pretty amazing name in hand, they will went in search of shareholders. One of the first investors they will met loved the concept so much he chose to write a check on the location. But when he published out the check, created it out to 'Google'.

The name caught. And the rest, reported by users, is name company logo design history.

Google's Not Alone

The Yahoo and google guys aren't solely in coming up with their particular billion dollar company logo design names.

Name a famous company logo design name and even chances are it was created not by a identifying guru, ad organization or business logo design identity firm, yet by an ordinary dude or gal having a great idea. Don't believe myself? Where do you think labels like Kinkos, Dailymotion, and Crocs originated from?

That's right, they will came from copy purchase guys, internet folks, and shoe folks - ordinary Joes who took a terrific new product and gifted it a great label of their own making.

You Can, Too

Is the idea easy for a business owner, an advertising manager, or a figures dweeb for that matter, to generate a great business logo design name? No not necessarily. Trust me, it can be difficult even for qualified naming guys with this problem. But it's an interesting option.

Why? First, since history shows that the vast majority of world's best known company logo design names have been created by the very same folks who work at the companies guiding those famous labels. They did it, you possibly can, too.

Second, creating a name yourself can help your company a ton of money. Large business logo design identification firms charge $100K or more to develop the latest business logo design label. That's a lot of cash. Perhaps for big spenders such as the Google guys.

That's why I recommend that all company with a new product or service in search of a label take a shot from naming it them selves. You can always turn it to the site the pros if you appear short.

But the reality is you have just a excellent a chance as picking out that billion money name as they perform. And for a whole lot less overall.

Here's How

Before hurrying off to the closest conference room to be able to brainstorm new labels, let me offer a couple of suggestions to help make your own naming efforts a hit:

1. Generate a lot of names: Naming industry experts know that the secret to be able to coming up with that one good name is to create lots of ideas. If you ask me, one in 20 will be any good. So focus on generating as many labels as possible.

2. Allow it to be memorable: Names similar to Google, Wii, and even Altoids all possess that certain something that cause them to become stick in the memory space bank. To make your brand-new name more remarkable, focus on names that will look and appear unique.

3. Allow it to be meaningful: Effective company logo design names add a key feature or perhaps benefit. Some tip at an interesting history - like Yahoo and google, for example. Make sure that your brand-new name is more than a pretty typeface. Opt for a name that is both equally memorable and purposeful.

4. Use a identifying system: Everyone has this innate creativity to generate great names independent. What's missing may be the 'know-how'. A good identifying system can help. You will discover one at

That's Cool

Not any business logo design label can be as insanely amazing as Google. Yet every new product, program or company may have a name that is remarkable and meaningful to be able to consumers. If you can imagine a name like this - and you can when you try - that is to be pretty cool, way too.


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