Printed Lanyards – Back to Basics


If you have been looking for some expert tips on how to buy printed lanyards, you may find a few tips in the article that may help you. Usually, lanyards are made of cotton, nylon or polyester. Typically, they offer enough flat surface area so you can place logos, names, symbols and slogans, just to name a few. Let's know more about the subject so you can purchase the right stuff for your needs. Read on.

The production

As far as the production of this product goes, thousands of companies are into this business. They produce and print lanyards for common and business users. The printing techniques vary that may include silkscreen, hot stamps and dye sublimation, to name a few. These techniques result in a high quality print. Aside from this, they are available in tons of patterns, such as cow print and leopard print. As far as the standard width goes, they are available in ¾, 5/8 or 3/8.

Types of material

Most people buy nylon, cotton or polyester lanyards, but there are some people who have a different choice. If you are looking for a different type of lanyard, we suggest that you check out leather, satin, fleece, or PVC. These lanyards are also high quality and can last several years. Based on your personal taste, you can go for any material.


Usually, printed lanyards don't cost a lot of bucks. However, if you want to get a discount, we suggest that you buy in bulk. If bought in a large quantity, each piece will cost you a few cents. For common users, there is a choice of color, length, material and width when buying. As said earlier, the price will come down significantly if you buy in a large quantity.

Demand and supply

As far as the demand goes, the demand for the lanyards is high and hundreds of companies produce them. If you place a bulk order, most companies will accept the order and deliver the goods within a few days. So, the supply is not a problem since lots of companies deal in these products.

Important factors

You have a lot of points to consider when buying a printed lanyard. Aside from going for a certain style, we suggest that you choose the right style based on the object that you want to secure. You may also need some attachment stuff, such as key rings, swivel hooks and badge holders, just to name a few. Make sure you go for the right accessories based on the thing that you want to secure. For instance, if you have some very important keys to secure, we suggest that you opt for a split ring or key ring. Aside from this, make sure you choose a quality device for the purpose of the protection of your stuff.

So, this was some basic information about printed lanyards. If you want to buy some for your needs, make sure you don't ignore the pointers given in this guide.


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