The Dangers of Fast Food


The quick meals business has added each chemical doable that they'll legally get away with to addict individuals to their meals. The truth is, in case you eat quick meals and also you cease consuming it, you truly undergo withdrawal signs. It is like a drug. Not solely that, the preservatives are so excessive in these quick meals burgers today that the product doesn't even break down. Quick meals has been linked within the enhance in weight problems in each adults and kids. Weight problems has reached epidemic proportions in our nation, significantly in kids. Listed here are some startling statistics to think about:

65% of American adults are obese

30% of Individuals are overweight

Based on the American Weight problems Affiliation, 127 million Individuals are obese, 60 million Individuals are overweight, and 9 million are "morbidly overweight": they weigh 100 kilos greater than they need to.

Within the final twenty years, the speed of weight problems has doubled in kids and tripled in adolescents and youths.

As of September 2004, 9 million American children between the ages of six and eighteen have been overweight.


A KILLER Weight problems-related sicknesses will kill round 400,000 Individuals this year--almost the identical as smoking. Individuals have gotten so large that their coffins should be supersized!

Associated sicknesses attributable to weight problems:

Excessive ldl cholesterol


Coronary heart illness

Breast Most cancers

Colon most cancers



Bronchial asthma



In 2003, The Middle for Illness Management and Prevention reported that one out of three children born in America within the 12 months 2000 will develop sort 2 diabetes. The lifetime of a ten-year-old baby who has Sort II diabetes will likely be, on common, between seventeen and twenty-six years shorter than that of a wholesome baby. Diabetes can result in coronary heart assaults, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, and nerve injury within the decrease legs which can lead to amputation (82,000 of those circumstances happen yearly). Diabetes is at present the sixth-highest reason for dying in America.

Quick Meals is In every single place

The rise of the quick meals business performs a crucial function in why our nation is plagued with weight problems. Quick meals is in every single place: in large cities, small cities, buying malls, the airport, the bus station, colleges, and even hospitals!

There are 31,000 McDonald's worldwide- nearly 14,000 of them are within the U.S.

Persons are Consuming a whole lot of Quick Meals

Quick meals has change into cheaper and simpler to purchase. In 2004, Individuals spent $124 billion on quick meals. That very same 12 months, The American Journal of Preventive Medication printed a examine displaying that the proportion of quick meals energy within the American food regimen has elevated from three p.c to 12 p.c over the past twenty years.

Quick meals tradition was launched to different international locations around the globe within the 1980's. In international locations like Japan and China, individuals have deserted conventional wholesome diets in favor of quick meals and because of this the speed of weight problems and different ailments has soared.

Quick Meals Eating places Serve Extra

Not solely is quick meals in every single place, however quick meals firms encourage the buyer to eat extra by supplying over-sized burgers, extra-large servings for fries, and buckets of soda.

Merchandise like The Whopper, The Large Gulp, and Tremendous Dimension meals pack in a whopping quantity of energy, sugars, and fat. Let's take a better look: The Double Gulp soda at your native 7-11 holds 64 ounces of soda - that's half a gallon! It incorporates the equal of 48 teaspoons of sugar. A typical hamburger at a quick meals restaurant weighs six ounces. In 1957, it weighed one ounce. Based on one nutritionist, your common quick meals meal is extra like three meals.

The common meal at a McDonald's has 1,550 energy.

Quick Meals is just not Good For Us

We're consuming extra meals that's not nutritious. Most fast-food meals are excessive in fats, excessive in sugar, excessive in energy, excessive in starch, excessive in salt, and low in fiber and vitamins. As a result of quick meals lacks vitamins, after we eat it we're not glad. That makes us hungry for extra quickly after.

Why children are at a serious threat

Our youngsters are uncovered to an onslaught of promoting for quick meals. Quick meals chains spend extra then $three billion yearly on tv promoting. They deliberately marketing campaign to children in order that they change into life-long prospects. These are generally known as cradle-grave promoting methods. Researchers have discovered that kids can typically acknowledge an organization firm brand, just like the Golden Arches, earlier than they'll acknowledge their very own title.

In a single 12 months, the everyday American baby watches extra that 40,000 TV commercials. Round 20,000 of those adverts are for junk meals: quick meals, sweet, soda, and breakfast cereals. Which means that your baby sees a junk meals advert each 5 minutes after they're watching TV.

To additional encourage kids to eat quick meals, firms like McDonald's have Blissful Meals with free toys. McDonald's offers away greater than 1.5 billion toys yearly. Virtually one out of each three new toys given to American children every year is from McDonald's or one other quick meals restaurant.

To be able to fight these calculated promoting methods, educating our kids on wholesome consuming habits which are straightforward, enjoyable, and style nice is paramount. By educating our kids how dangerous quick meals is and learn how to eat more healthy, they're empowered to make the fitting decisions.

Quick Meals is full of chemical substances and preservatives.

Quick meals would not break down. It's because it's loaded with chemical substances and preservatives. There's after all, the nice video out on YouTube referred to as The Bionic Burger that illustrates this in a enjoyable and informative approach.

The hyperlink is:

The video is predicated on a real story. In 1991, this software program engineer from Burlington, Vermont (he prefers to stay nameless) was out with mates in Boston for New 12 months's Eve and stopped at McDonald's on the way in which residence. He purchased a few cheeseburgers, ate one and put the opposite in his coat pocket to have later.

He forgot concerning the burger in his pocket. A 12 months later, he pulled his coat out of the closet, put it on, and found the cheeseburger in his pocket from New 12 months's Eve. It regarded precisely the identical. He was completely blown away. He instructed his family and friends however no person believed him. So he determined to begin a burger museum to display to everybody that these cheeseburgers and hamburgers have been actually indestructible.

He began accumulating burgers, one yearly. By the autumn of 2004, he had amassed fairly a set:

The unique '91 McDonald's Cheeseburger from that New 12 months's Ever

'92 McDonald's Cheeseburger and Large Mac

'93 Burger King Hamburger

'94 McDonald's Hamburger

'95-'03 McDonald's Cheeseburgers

He saved them on bookshelves in his lounge within the open air. These burgers look precisely the identical. The bun, the meat, the cheese, the particular sauce, the pickle, even the lettuce. They've all retained their form, and shade for over a decade!

Meals is meant to interrupt down.

Meals is meant to be probably the most biodegradable of all merchandise. How is it doable that these burgers haven't damaged down? Decayed? Develop into moldy?

My mates Len Foley and Rebecca Gauthier weren't satisfied. They thought perhaps there was an exaggeration, or it was merely not true. In order that they went and acquired a hamburger on the native McDonald's in Burbank, CA February 2007.

They put it of their storage within the open air and left it there. As soon as every week they'd exit and "test" on their burger. It might proceed to look and odor precisely the identical. No animals, bugs, or birds touched it. After one 12 months, they started to characteristic it in a number of well being displays together with a few of Matt's hamburgers from his burger assortment. Since then, they've added a Hostess Twinkie, cupcake, and different hamburgers to their assortment. As of April 2008, there have been no famous modifications within the meals's composition.

For those who do not consider me, attempt it out for your self! Go make investments a buck and purchase a burger. (that is the one time I'll ever inform you to do one thing like this by the way in which!) Put it in your storage, or wherever, and simply let it sit there. I believe you will need to see this for your self so you'll know on a deep degree the implications of what this implies. The meals is just not breaking down subsequently it can't be pure.

We introduced the bionic burger museum to a current well being occasion to display how briskly meals is made from chemical substances, preservatives, dyes, and low high quality components. Lots of and a whole lot of individuals noticed burgers that have been between one and eleven years previous. None of them had decomposed. Adults and kids have been shocked. When individuals see first hand that quick meals is just not meals, it has a robust influence that may trigger them to make the fitting selection: the selection to eat wholesome, nutritious meals as a substitute of a cornucopia of chemical substances, preservatives, fats, grease, and salt.

This video I simply described has been seen by 1.three million individuals on YouTube. It has been translated into 7 completely different languages, and featured on 50,000 blogs. This demonstrates that individuals need this data, they wish to learn as a result of data empowers us to make the fitting selection. You select each day what you'll put into your physique. Make your best option and put meals in your physique that's going that can assist you, not hurt you.

If you put residing meals in your physique it incorporates enzymes that naturally break the meals down. The ripening strategy of fruit, for instance, is an enzyme managed course of. And people enzymes will finally, if that fruit's not eaten, cannibalize the fruit. So the fruit will eat itself.

Nicely, these burgers aren't consuming themselves. They're right here twenty years later as a result of there are not any enzymes current. These burgers are so loaded with preservatives that they are like a sealant, as if they're completely made, such as you would have a portray glazed over and framed and put in your wall. It is not meals, it is one thing else. What that one thing else is, we do not know, however I am completely impressed that individuals can survive consuming it.

Now I've additionally seen the burger that is nineteen years previous, some that have been fifteen, sixteen years previous. it seems like we now have the expertise to construct the world's first bionic burger! I like to recommend in case you are severe about your well being, you AVOID quick meals AT ALL COSTS! There are such a lot of wholesome options that may not solely satiate your cravings, however ship the nutritional vitamins and vitamins your physique wants for peak efficiency. Please learn all about scrumptious superfoods, superherbs, and different superior wholesome meals in one in every of our many different particular stories on


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