The History Behind Billabong


Who will be Billabong?

Billabong is probably the leading brands within the surfing industry dating back to to the 1970s. In a surf or seashore shop Billabong any the brands you might always find. There is a range of products from plank shorts, to totes, to bikinis, to help jeans and much more.

Who founded Billabong?

Billabong was founded by Aussie surfer Gordon Seller and his wife Rena Merchant. They commenced designing and generating their first plank short in their household on the East Seacoast of Australia plus sold them to neighborhood surf shops.

The uniqueness which established Billabong aside from different board shorts that had been available was the well-known triple-stitching technique put together by Gordon, which built the board brief far more durable.

Where did the name Billabong originate from?attachment_78275497

The identify Billabong can be split up into 2 parts, billa and bong. 'Billa' is an Australian phrase meaning river or even creek and the phrase 'bong', means 'to die'. So the meaning of the 2 together suggests 'an area of normal water from a river or even creek that is still and no longing running'.

The business logo to get Billabong shows 3 waves that are not jogging together and are motionless. They choose the identify due to the uniqueness to help Australia and the primitive meaning of an beauty.

How did Billabong become an International accomplishment?

From the accomplishment Billabong experienced into their first year they will opened their initial factory in 1975. Year after year they developed their merchandise plus increased sales and relocated to larger premises, within 1981 they gotten to the milestone connected with $1 million in total annual sales. They did start to sponsor the World Last Surfing Contest (the largest surfing competitors still today emerge Hawaii). This provided Billabong the foreign recognition they were right after and began conveying to Japan, the us, New Zealand and more. From here the custom logo design and the sales matured to what it is regarded today, as one of the foremost names in the exploring industry.


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