The Types of Notice Board


A notice board is the most necessary item for any office, staff room, reception area and meeting room, schools, church and also sometimes at large homes. It is a place where general information are written and displayed like posting memos, notices, marketing materials, posters, newsletters, etc. There are different types of models that you can use for both personal use and business use. For office use, you can get personalized models for the whole office by ordering it at bulk rates. With the internet bringing everything at your door step you don't have to search for shops where you have to place your order. In the customized type you can have your company venture logo and name printed on the board.

There are also various different styles of this accessory available in the market. You can choose the design depending upon the type of environment and use. The cork back types are perfect for those who need board for both external and internal use. The Velcro friendly fabric model comes with loop nylon back panels. The magnetic one is backed by magnetic backed panels. The magnetic one is ideal for office use. Some notice board comes with lock system for security. The exterior of the notice board must be made from weather proof material. For public building fire retardant models should be chosen.

Fire retardant model is also safe and is typically used in corridors and staff rooms of schools and universities where notices have to up dated on day to day basis. Also as per European building regulation, each and every item used in stairways and corridors should be class 0 or class 1 fire rated. The price of these accessories depends up on the size, business logo design and styles of the material.


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