Where to Submit Your Modeling and Acting Pictures


After you have taken pictures that you feel are good enough to be submitted for modeling and acting representation the question comes up: but where?

Your basic choices are as follows:

Model agency sites

Social modeling sites

Casting sites

Model agency sites are always free to submit to and will generally give you a quick yes or no answer. Make sure to read over each agency's submission requirements before sending them your pictures. It simply does not make any sense to submit your images to an agency that is only interested in new faces between 16 and 20 if you are 28. Also keep in mind if an agency does want you they will expect you to work in their area. Therefore, be sure and be willing to travel to the agency's area of operations not only for bookings but for auditions also. And remember you don't get paid for auditions. Remember to include your measurements and age whether asked for or not, any relevant modeling experience, where you live, and your phone number . 2 headshots and 2 bodyshots should be enough for them to decide if they want to see you. Keep your images around 72 DPI, (dots per inch). If you have not heard anything after a couple of weeks it is certainly OK to resubmit your images. Most agencies receive hundreds of submissions a month. So whether your first submission got lost or they didn't want you but forgot to tell you, or just deleted you, resubmitting your images is no big deal.

Social modeling sites have become popular on today's web and some have a lot of usefulness. These sites are usually filled with forums, chat rooms, and especially areas where one can post their modeling pictures for their friends and world to see. Many of these sites charge for various services, benefits, and membership. Only you can determine if these fees are worth it. If you are in it for the social aspects like making new friends with common interests and learning new information about modeling from other participants and experts then so much the better. If, however, you are getting into it solely to be discovered by agents who are suppose to be scanning the site for new faces - be cautious. Just because an agency's company logo appears on a site this really does not mean much. Most agencies simply look at sticking their company logo up as another marketing opportunity. It certainly does not mean they have assigned a booker to monitor the site closely. On the other hand there is no question that some new face bookers at the big agencies do review these sites for new faces. It simply makes sense when you consider how efficient it is for them to quickly look through hundreds of images in one spot of people who want to model. Remember, for a new face booker, just finding someone who could model is not enough. The person must also want to model. Many times a new face scout will approach someone and tell them they have real potential to model in major markets only to be told the person is not interested - at all.

Casting sites are a more direct approach to getting modeling and acting jobs. Here the you upload your images and/or resume to looked at directly by casting directors, producers, and agents for specific jobs. Generally producers and casting directors will submit short summaries, (breakdowns), of a role they want to fill to these sites. The breakdown will include the pay, when it's going to be shot, the type of person they are looking for, whether it's union or non-union, and any other specifics they want. Then, the people registered on the site, read the breakdown and submit themselves if they think they are appropriate for the role. Many of these casting sites will let you upload a small listing for free. If, however, you want a full listing then it will cost a monthly fee - this is how these sites make money. Most of these casting sites are regional in nature. That is there is usually one main one in each of the major markets. Be sure and determine which one in your area is best for you. It certainly makes no sense for you to be listed in a city you cannot get to easily. Also keep in mind the these sites usually list both print modeling jobs and acting. If you do both be sure and be listed under both activities.

In summary, there is more opportunity than ever to be considered for model and acting jobs. There is no reason you cannot be listed on all three types of sites. As your look and experience changes be sure and update your photos and resume. Also keep learning and be aware of new free and paid sites that might be to your benefit to be on.


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