Which 3d intro maker do I need to professionally present my logo design?

Today a dear client of mine asked to help him present his logo design on YouTube in an attractive and professional way. By design, I don’t do animations so I’ve called google for a good 3d intro maker. Google returned my call with several graphic design companies and one of them was offering exactly what I was looking for.

Renderforest, the Holy Grail of professional 3d intro makers, slideshows, animations and music visualizations, all cloud based and… within minutes!  And best of all, a lot of their 3d intro templates are FREE.

They have unlimited possibilities for every kind of promotional videos, mobile app promotions, corporate presentations, kinetic typography, wedding/travel slideshows, event invitations, infographics, YouTube clips etc. Their 3d intro software is very easy to use your creativity being the only limit here, really!


Below I will name several trending items from Renderforest that I like the most:



By design, the Transforming Logo template is a simple but attention-grabbing way to present your professional logo design. Featuring sharp transitions, your logo is presented with folding animations. This template is well suited for intros and outros. Try it out today for free.



The Parallax Circles Template is a high quality and easily customized template. It’s dynamic and elegant slideshow with clean transitions and a parallax effect. This is the best 3d intro maker for promotions, reels, photos, video portfolios, your vacations highlights and parties. You can also use it for professional projects, company introductions or presentations. Just drop your images, edit your text, add audio and enjoy the result for free.



Present your logo in a powerful way with the Impact Logo Reveal template. Featuring 3D animations, a theme color selector, image uploader and audio track selector, this template is a great way to introduce your company logo with your own personal flair. See what your vision looks like in the Impact Logo Reveal template today!



Do you need a general video to introduce your company logo or open a presentation? Look no further than the Company Story Promotion Template. Featuring fluid transitions and simplistic style, this template aims by design to keep the attention of your audience on the company. Pick your own music, upload your images, and render your company’s story. Try a free preview today.



Use the 3d intro maker software to create this company logo animation project that features a visceral breaking glass effect. You can create your own logo animation that can be used as an intro or outro to any of your videos. Fit for a YouTube intro maker, company introducer, or any other project that requires a stylish company logo presentation. Try it today – it’s free!



The Glitch Logo Reveal is by design a high-tech, dynamic template with glitchy, aggressive elements. This template is a perfect solution for your high-tech channel on YouTube or as a stylish intro for a Sci-Fi movie. The featured digital noise style will give a modern feel to your project. Available in both logo and text versions.



Are you looking for a cinematic film title or movie trailer? Across the Universe might be just what you’re looking for. It’s an inspirational, high quality yet flexible template with a realistic appearance. Featuring particle effects floating through outer space, this cinematic template is perfectly suited for openings, endings, and anything in between. Just customize the text, and get a unique and professional video project in minutes.



With your 3d intro maker program create a stylish Neon Power Logo Reveal template. Featured by design with a cool neon atmosphere and high contrast look this template perfectly suits for presentations, online channels, introductions and more. Create your desired logo animation and get an entirely new opener for your YouTube video. Simply drop your logo and text into the timeline, and render.




In conclusion, Renderforest is a powerful, simple, easy-to-use online 3d intro maker. You don’t need any knowledge in video editing to create your intro videos online and publish them to your network with just one click.


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