Writing Business Letters – Tutorial 4: "No" Letters


Remember the amount of time when you attended employment interview and considered you had done exceedingly well? As you sailed home, you thought about precisely how well your requirements and experience equalled what the firm wished; you thought about how satisfied your friends would be once you went to work for The Famous Company; you envisaged yourself in the fine new office which will went with the job, plus the extra money you’d currently have for your family. Incredible, life was excellent!

A week afterwards when you received a good letter with The Famous Company’s venture emblem on it, you experienced it could be a notification of offer, however a cold chill got over you and anyone thought it might be in order to advise that you had been recently unsuccessful. You needed the letter within your house, poured your drink and eventually lay down to open typically the letter that was for your future. When you study it it claimed:

Dear Mr Yourname,

Thank you regarding applying for a job with your company.

Unfortunately, anyone weren’t successful at this juncture as another applicant’s requirements and experience had been a better match to your needs.

Thanks for the interest in our company.

Yours sincerely

BAD Writer, Hr Manager

Your heart went under into the pit of the stomach and you experienced a surge of shattering disappointment. This was typically the eighth job for that you had applied… no person wanted you.

At the end of the day, not so good news has to be conveyed in the same way good news does. Nonetheless the way in which it is presented can create a different reaction for the recipient. In which mnemonic: KKK which usually stands for: K rapid Kiss; K rapid Kick; K rapid Kiss again.

This suggests that what we should perform is write a thing positive first (Kiss), then deliver the awful news(Kick) and Make out again with an additional positive statement. This an example of a “No” job letter that complies with this formula. Determine if you can identify typically the KKK elements:

Dear Mr Yourname

Thank anyone for applying for employment with The Prestigious Corporation.

We have considered you and were quite impressed with the width of experience you have got and your excellent educational achievements. In particular, i was impressed with the operate you have done with typically the disabled in Chi town.

We received purposes from many effectively qualified and skilled applicants and it has been difficult for us to decide on just one applicant in order to fill this position. At this juncture, we have chosen an additional applicant whose expertise is more suitable.

Your interest in our company is valued and I wish anyone every success with the job search.

Yours sincerely

GOOD Writer, Hr Manager

This type of notification is of course, continue to disappointing for customers. But letting them are aware that they were worthwhile applicants, that there were lots of other equally effectively qualified candidates and also you found someone who has been more suitable, is a significantly less damaging approach.

The last sentence really helps to create goodwill for your company.

Obviously, one can find dozens of different circumstances for bad news characters and I can’t manage every scenario below. If you remember typically the formula and remain in the receiver’s seat ie, think what would be like that you can receive the letter jots down, you’ll do a far better job.

The technique is to say “no” or deliver the not so good news with compassion for your dignity and thoughts of the recipient. In case you follow the formula, its works well.

Copyright 2005, Robin Henry


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