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We all know that promotional gifts are important tools for advertising a company and getting its corporate message across to the intended audience. But how exactly do corporate gifts help in the promotion of a company?

Corporate gifts are unlike promotional items in a lot of ways, especially in the value and price of these items. Promotional items are usually given out to the general public in hopes that the business will be promoted to new, potential clients. Promotional items are more generally low value items like pens, keyrings, and similar items. Although these promotional items are good materials to attract people into supporting the business, they may not be ideal gifts to give to long-time clients that have been giving a lot of business to the company.

But what exactly are corporate gifts? By essence, these gifts are high quality items that can show the appreciation and concern of a business towards its clients and employees. Items like customized pens, clocks and leather briefcases are some of the more popular choices. The type of corporate gift that a business will give to a particular client depends on the relationship the two entities have. Usually, the more business that a firm gives the company the higher the quality gift that the company gives to them in return.

There is always the question on whether corporate gifts should carry the company venture logo and other contact details. However the general rule is that they should contain less information on the company. Since corporate gifts do not function like promotional items, then having the company venture logo and details is not required. Remember that these are used primarily to show the appreciation of the company to its stakeholders. It also helps if you send in corporate gifts that are expensive and valuable so as to give a good impression on the company.
There are a lot of corporate gift choices that companies can choose from. Some of these are clocks, and companies can have the option to have these engraved. The bottom line is that corporate gifts should be more valuable than the ordinary promotional item such as pens, folders, or notepads.

Indeed there are a lot of good items that could make a good corporate gift. It is also a good idea to keep the gift related somehow to the company and its customer, to underline the relationship between the two entities.

Modern Branding

custom logo, mascot, colors and typefaces. These are some words that immediately pop out when someone mentions ‘branding’. Well, those are correct as branding involves people’s perception of certain company, product, or service. Having a distinctive design surely helps business to differentiate itself from the others.

However, to establish a solid branding that can convey what a business is about, we need to think beyond the visuals. People’s experiences are the basis of the image they form. It is about how people feel when they interact with the startup logo design, from the beginning to the end.

Interacting with brands and products is traditionally associated with research, trial, as well as after purchase service experience. In today’s environment where technology is getting more accessible and advanced, though, startup logo design interaction is swiftly moving to digital channels. People’s initial experience with brands would be when they first open your website, download your business’ mobile app, or engage with your startup logo design on social media. Here is where user experience (UX) plays a part.

User Experience in Digital Branding

Have you ever tried to buy something online, search for the product’s name, and end up browsing in an online shopping website? Now, what if the website looks cluttered with many buttons all over the homepage, have confusing navigation, and you simply can’t figure it out? You will leave the website immediately, for sure.

Poor website creates an impression that the startup logo design itself must be lousy. By neglecting the user experience aspect, brands may come off as incompetent and unreliable. Meanwhile, great user experience can function as an excellent branding utility.

First and foremost, your startup logo design website has to be error free and not confusing for the users. Other essential things are to maintain a simple and intuitive navigation, as well as clear content and feedback. To ensure that these basic keys are fulfilled, usability testing tools can be employed to check on your website’s performance.

Further, user experience can be designed in line with startup logo design image to echo your startup logo design identity. Great user experience also increases startup logo design’s credibility, create a consistent and reliable image, along with building customers’ trust and loyalty.

Successful startup logo design That Utilizes UX


Amid many other travel companies and booking apps, Airbnb is able to attract people into using their service. It is extremely popular, especially among young travellers who are eager to explore the local setting of their destination. Apart from the unique selling proposition (USP), one of the reason why Airbnb is so popular is its outstanding user experience. UX has been the focus of the company from the beginning, as can be seen from their consistent hiring of experience designers and researchers. They have teams specializing in identifying UX problems and goals, map user flows, and building the application prototype. Furthermore, they also put effort in localizing the user experience design. As a result, the Airbnb website and mobile application have an outstanding UX, even first time user will found little problem booking accommodation with it. And this, is a very good instance where company put UX at the heart of the startup logo design and rightly generate positive outcomes from it.

Coherence between a company’s company logo design and the service delivery operational model is critical in the pursuit of extraordinary customer experiences. Coherence is a critical element in the successful design of any firm’s operational model for service delivery.

Two simple examples of “coherence” may clarify the concept.

One luxury travel company advertises itself as expert in identifying “the best fit” between your vacation desires and various properties around the world. Yet, when consumers ask about specific details associated with a hotel (i.e., how convenient is the hotel to the Bilbao Guggenheim?) it rapidly becomes clear that the service representatives are not skilled enough, nor familiar enough, with the travel destinations to support a high-end clientele. There is an obvious coherence mismatch between the “luxury” company logo design identity and the experience or training of the service representatives.

In another case a major credit card company advertises its service as world class. However, billing disputes cannot be resolved over the phone or web, requiring instead written correspondence with supporting evidence gathered by the consumer from the merchant. Truly world class companies handle these same requests by phone and intercede on behalf of the customer with the merchants; requiring the merchant to provide proof rather than the consumer. As the bar for service has already been set extremely high, a new entrant trying to attract high-end consumers must match or exceed competitive offerings. Promising high-end service, then not delivering, has a more deleterious impact on loyalty than setting expectations low and consistently meeting a clear standard.

Coherence encourages self-selection among potential customers, increasing the likelihood that investments in advertising, marketing and sales will payoff in revenue growth. A strong, clear company logo design identity reduces the cost of sales by chasing away the vast pool of prospective customers who are unlikely to convert to paying customers.

A clear company logo design identity that is married to a coherent service strategy also establishes an expectation threshold that can dramatically decrease the number and intensity of customer complaints, thereby reducing the cost of exception handling tremendously. Consumers who know they are shopping in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart will have lower expectations than the fanatical fashionistas scouring the Manolo Blahnik seconds at Century 21. Sure, they’re only paying $250 for the $725 Tuccio Watersnake Pumps, but they want perfection slipped into that discount wrapper.

A lack of coherence may be evidenced in relatively subtle ways, but these discontinuities are picked up by the consumers, consciously and subconsciously, creating a barely perceptible unease or discomfort which reduces the customer’s propensity for repeat business. Customer deviations from the norms of loyal behavior creates, at a minimum, excessive marketing costs, at the extreme, this lack of repeat business translates into adverse word-of-mouth and the ultimate collapse of the business. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the classic canaries in the coal mine for this phenomenon. Without a solid core of repeat business (or extremely high non-repeating tourist traffic) a restaurant without this word of mouth cannot generate sufficient traffic through advertising alone to stay open.

Consumers easily compartmentalize their expectations and are quite comfortable shifting their demands as they enter different expectation frameworks. Parents may eat at The Fat Duck in Bray (selected best restaurant in the world in 2005) one night and take the family to Outback Steakhouse the next night; still viewing both of those disparate experiences as entirely satisfying. A consumer may drive their Maserati Quattroporte to Central Park for a $2 hotdog and not sense any dissonance because their expectations are bifurcated appropriately. Travelers can comfortably stay in the Taj, New Delhi, one night and camp under the stars in Rajasthan the next. Consumers are not, typically, demanding of the utmost in luxury and refinement from each experience they are simply demanding that each experience fit within an appropriate framework of expectations.

A company’s company logo design identity is one of the most powerful ways in which that framework of expectations is set. The service environment supporting the company logo design is the other critical factor. If the company logo design identity is diffuse or dissonant, and the service standards unaligned, then the consumer is unable to settle on an expectation framework that fits and they do not establish a pattern of “loyal” behavior relative to that company. Repeat business is diminished and the consumer does not provide positive feedback to the word-of-mouth buzz that is so critical to long-term revenue growth.

By establishing coherence between the company logo design identity and the service delivery model companies can begin to establish a strategy that will lead to extraordinary customer experiences.

Copyright © 2007, Lotus Pond Media

This has been a good year for explorations regarding company logo design services. We have been analyzing trends throughout this year to find out if something new can be done and where we are headed.

Without further ado, here are some clues and a guide to what to do with the blueprint of logos this year that is just around the corner.

1. Design with negative space

It is a good idea to keep it as simple as possible while creating logos designs. The more colors and elements you add, the more problematic and expensive it will be to scale it. If you want to be simple but creative, you need to follow the trend of negative space.

2. Superimpose gradients

Bright color schemes are involved as gradients overlap in the design. Web-based companies request this technique in their company logo to create a greater impact.

3. Logos in offset

In this method of design the logos use the initials of the company, the graphic company plays with the initials of the company when asked to use them as a company logo mark. Usually, this path is chosen to give a nice touch that makes the design more noticeable.

4. Put shadows on the company logo

The technique of superimposing shadows was used a lot this year 2015. It is a technique where the design elements overlap to provide a dark feel to the company logo.

5. Using subtle gradients in logos

This technique is used to provide a more fluid feeling in a company logo, which adds intensity to the company logo and makes it look more professional.

6. Thin and bold lines

Thin and bold lines are used to draw a company logo. With this technique, you do not need to fill up space. It is made to help the pencil tool. It is an elegant method.

7. Design of logos with single line arts

This technique is magic, which will turn it into a new technique this year. It is used to create dynamism in the design. Only one brush is used to form this type of logos.

8. Use of handwriting

The handwriting technique is used to make the company logo design more noticeable. Subtle pencils and pointers are used to give a delicate feel to the design. Looks stunning and sophisticated.

9. Using brushes in logos

The brushes were first used to create Japanese and Chinese letters. These brushes are also called stylers. Artists use this brush to create beautiful types of logos. Now, this style is used to write company names and these font styles are being used a lot in packaging design. This technique seems to use downs.

10. The use of Calligraphy script

There is also a script calligraphy technique where an oblique pen is used to give a retro feel to the logos. Designers are following this technique in their designs.

The idea of using bags made of paper attracts, especially if you are into a manufacturing, selling or retail business where you need to have carried these in bulk for your customers. In such condition, if you think about using paper bags in place of polythene ones you are thinking it right. Although, using these eco-friendly carriers is a better idea than polythene carry bags still you should know few things about these bags before buying them:

Choose from a wide variety

The best thing to know about paper luggage carriers is that you can have a wide variety of them in the market. On the basis of size, shape, color, and design, lots of options are there to be selected from. You can pick the size and shape of the recyclable bags as per your requirement. There are enough color options in them still people prefer buying brown paper gift bags for their official look.

When should you not use a brown paper bag?

Small paper gift bags are highly preferred for commercial purpose and as a gift bag but white ones are better than brown ones when you want to use them for corporate events. The best thing you can do with white ones is that they can be customized. You can have a business logo of your business printed on these bags for better visuals. White color will highlight your business logo and company details better. So, if you are planning to throw a corporate event or promotional event, you should prefer buying white ones than any other color.

Pick a design that suits your business

Buying paper bags for your business can be a tricky deal as you need to pay attention over various things. Your selection should depend upon the kind of business you are running. For instance, if you run a grocery store, the carry bags should have the capacity of handling heavy weight. On the other hand, if you run a cosmetics shop, the design of the bags should be fancy and attractive.

Pick the best size

You can check out the basic information about the shape and size of carrying bags on the internet before buying them in bulk. The average height, length and width measurements of the stuff are often mentioned on the internet. You can also check out the capacities of the bags in various units such as ounces, pecks, pounds, and liters.

Advantages of using paper bags

If you have planned using recyclable luggage carriers in your business, you might have been already known about the advantages of them. They are preferred by users for their eco-friendly approach, recyclable and reusable properties. Most of these are designed to bear good weight; they withstand more pressure than plastic containers. Also, these bags are safer for animals and children.

Disadvantages of paper bags

Luggage carriers made of paper are better than those made up of plastics but a drawback is that they are not waterproof. Moreover, they require more space for storage in comparison to the foldable plastic bag.

So, you know so many things about recyclable paper bags now. Buy them now for an elegant and classic look.

Not long ago, an acquaintance, Jared Kent, and I were having a dialogue on some of the challenges we find ourselves in when conversing with others in public, at a party or in a group when everyone has dummied down the level of talk to the lowest common denominator; the weather, a show on TV, a new tech device, or some event in the newspaper. It’s difficult for a high IQ person to deal with that, but then again not everyone has the intellect to carry on a decent dialogue, or if they do, they’ve learned not to bother, because few others can. Let’s talk.

Jared asks; “Lance, I would like to hear some of your thoughts on how you have had luck diverting a conversation effectively to a higher level?”

Oh, well, you know I ask someone what kind of work they do, ask them about their shirt, many have logos, company names, sayings, sports. Then I ask them a question, not a simple one, one of curiosity; what do you think about? Let the other person pick the topics, it’s more fun that way, you get their passionate responses, their insightfulness, what they really think, not what they are supposed to say at work for instance.

Maybe they’ve been wanting to give their opinion but their EQ – emotional IQ tells them they had better not if they want to get along with the office politics, have upward advancement and keep their friends too. Even stupid people give insight. Sometimes crazy people are the most fun, they give me ideas, innovative thoughts, Sci Fi short story topics even.

What about when they don’t want to talk about heavy topics, or want to take the conversation back down a number of notches to “how about those Yankees?”

Well, in that case, I say; just disengage, let them play the cocktail party crap, they may have a PhD but aren’t interested in heavy conversation, that’s okay, find someone who is, or ask them really good questions that engage them, make them think, keep asking questions. You can draw them out, maybe they start asking you questions, take it up a notch, if you see them contemplating, jump it up two more, just for fun, if you find them generally still into it, take them all the way to the top of your knowledge band, then challenge theirs too. Why not? It’s actually quite stimulating to get your brain firing on all cylinders for a while.

You might find others purposely joining the dialogue or ease dropping, good, that means you have more people to talk with in the future, if it is a coffee shop for instance. Remember even a stupid person has 15-minutes of worthy repertoire, and when they are on caffeine and their neurons are firing they can give you something of interest. Most people I’ve met, their brains get tired after 45-minutes to an hour. The super thinkers can go on and on and never stop, they are thinking as they go. That’s fun, you can cover so much that way – jumping from topic to topic – think about later.

I reminded Jared how I originated the discussion and discourse; “Remember, I asked you to pick a topic, any topic, on-going dialogue?” And this is how I and Jared began our intellectual discourse. Now then, here is another tip before I end this article; older people are better, but not too old, not too academically elitists, they just think they are smart, but not as smart as a fox, more like as smart as a box, the box they’ve grown their brain into, and cannot get out of. Please consider all this and think on it.

In 1994, Mecca USA burst onto the fashion market while rap music was also making its own stand. The timing proved to be fortuitous for both. Mecca Clothing quickly became a wardrobe staple of hip hop rappers and the urban youth who were looking to these artists as inspiration. Instead, of trying to create clothing to suit office, evening or other areas; the venture logo design has firmly established itself as the line representing sporty, casual and street wear.

The driving force behind Mecca USA was Mike Alesko and Tony Shellman. Mike Alesko is well known in the fashion industry, creating not only the Mecca Clothing venture logo design but International News, the Seattle based company that would later spawn Mecca. Tony Shellman is a hip-hop fashion innovator who also cofounded Encye and the Parish Nation clothing line. Their clothing line took design inspiration from the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City.

With New York City serving as their fashion muse, the line took on a rugged and raw edge, giving wearers an instant statement making look. The line quickly evolved into the “uniform” for inner city youth. By the end of the decade, Mecca USA’s appeal was not limited to a city audience. Instead, increasing numbers of suburban youth were looking to Mecca USA as a way to express themselves and identify with the rap musicians they wanted to emulate.

The venture logo design made its way into malls and major department stores, getting the attention of those who had previously only been buying mainstream labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren. Over the years, numerous celebrities have worn the line including. The Mecca clothing expanded its base, making its way into Europe, Asia and all around the globe.

Mecca USA has always focused on denim wear. Originally only offering designs for men, such as baggy unique-pocket designer denim jeans, trendy foil printed tees and high-quality hoodies. Reversible jackets, airbrushed tees and polo shirts were also popular. Today Mecca USA has further extended its audience with clothing suited to girls and women. The line for girls is called Mecca Girls and features sequins, rhinestones, skirts, tops, pants, and outerwear among other items. The most successful extension of the company however, has been Mecca Femme.

Introduced in 2002, Mecca Femme is about cutting edge innovation. A mixture of urban street wear with high-fashion looks and European inspiration, creating a unique look that female fans of urban wear have flocked too. Mecca jeans is popular with men and Mecca Femme has similarly staked a claim in this arena with women.

The Mecca Femme venture logo design jeans feature a blend of cotton and spandex to create a figure hugging and pleasing silhouette. The jeans have quickly become a favorite among urban women because it is fitted to curvier body types. Female celebrities have also quickly flocked to buy them.

Unlike other hip hop clothing lines that rely on high prices in order to show their “quality” Mecca USA has always been affordably priced. Making their clothing accessible to everyone and keeping consumers loyal and coming back for more. Though the prices are low, quality has always been a major part of the brands identity. High-quality materials are used to showcase screen printing, prints, special stitch treatments, foiled logos and other signature looks.

Mecca Clothing has paved the way for other hip hop related brands such as Sean John, Rocawear, Akademiks, Phat Farm and Ecko. Since the beginning, Mecca has been firmly rooted in the hip hop industry and there is still a cult following for Mecca USA among those seeking attention getting street wear.

We all want things of good quality. We all want that every penny that we spend is worth it. We all want the best item, the best thing for the price we pay but does that really happens every time we buy something? No not really. The fact of the matter is that there is always a fake version of everything out there. There are people who try to imitate the actual product. They make things from a very low cost material and sell it at the actual price. Companies that make good products such as Miumiu handbags have always tried to find out those people who are responsible for this action but they are not that successful.

No matter what you do, there will always be people that will try to make sure that they do this replication process. The basic reason is that the profit margin is a lot. Imagine that you make a cheap version of a very popular startup logo design. The things that you will use are not of very good quality therefore you preparing cost are not that much while you’re selling cost is really high. That is why there are so many companies on a very small scale that make Miumiu handbags replicas and people buy them. This is another reason why such bags are really that common. Not everyone out there can buy actual branded bags however just for fashion sake they buy these cheaper versions of the bags. Anyhow in this article we will be discussing about the ways that you can adopt so that you don’t get tricked by any replica.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to make sure that you buy from a reliable shop. Most big brands have their own outlets. Once you buy anything from them you can be sure that they will be of the best quality. In case you don’t have this option and you have to buy from other shops then you need to be very careful. We will take the example of Miumiu handbags and tell you how you can identify, if they are real or not.

The following are the four factors that you need to keep in mind. Checking them thoroughly is really very important.

1. company logo textured or not?

2. Sealed

3. Metal listing

4. Number

Most of the companies that make fake version of Miumiu handbags cannot replicate these things in a replica and that is their weak point. From these four factors you can identify whether the presented bag is real or not.

There is no doubt that not every one of us can afford the actual version of Miumiu handbags. They are no doubt very expensive but if you are one of those people that believe in buying the best quality only then you need to be very careful once you are buying such things because the number of bags that are real are far less than the number of bags that are fake and you can be very easily tricked if you are not careful.

Companies make huge investments in their professional logo design names when it comes to the products and services they sell. A well-branded name speaks of trust, quality, sustainability, and people often buy because of the professional logo design.

But what about the situation when a company needs to attract more employees with proper education and a positive work attitude? A company could be attractive to a customer, but is it attractive for future employees? To become attractive as an employer and to successfully compete for the best recruits, a company should consider Employer Branding. It is not something new; however, nowadays companies are increasingly starting to realize the importance of having a great professional logo design name among current and future employees, as well as trainees willing to start their career.

Let’s face it – in some sectors, the demand for highly qualified employees is higher than what the market can offer.

The educated and carefully made choice of an employer and workplace is extremely relevant in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), where employees are in great demand, and the supply manages to satisfy the hunger of the market with difficulty.This puts job seekers in an advantageous position, and the companies often try to manipulate their choice. Of course, it is not about creating illusions, but rather about fair play based on already established rules. There’s an accurate term for this – “employer branding,” or “building a good employer professional logo design” – that may not be something you talk about at any human resource conference in the country, but definitely not a terra incognita for ICT companies and other companies actively seeking ICT professionals, according to experts in the field.

What Employer Branding Actually Is

According to the definition, Employer Branding is the “combined and mixed efforts of an organization to communicate with existing and potential staff about what identifies it as a great place to work.” The phrase was relatively young in 1990 but was finally defined in December 1996 in the Journal of professional logo design Management by Simon Barrow, chairman of the People in Business, and Tim Amber, Senior Fellow of the London Business School. In their joint work, their first publication describing the application of techniques of professional logo design management to the management of human resources. They define the employer professional logo design as a “package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment and identified by designating company.”

A great professional logo design name helps compete with other companies for the best employees

The first reason for the introduction of an employer professional logo design is the serious struggle to find quality ICT professionals. The second one should be that technology company and others who earnestly seek ICT staff has the resources to invest in their employer professional logo design.

The third is that a large percentage of tech employees belong to the newer generations. To these generations, it is not only important to work and receive a salary. It is much more important to enjoy what they do for a living, to be respected for their style and personality, and to be recognized for their individual contribution. Adequate management of the employer professional logo design helps understand the potential and current employees in companies.

The process of establishing a good employer professional logo design does not end with glossy brochures showing beautiful faces and well-arranged messages. It is an attractive image of the life in the company, and the expectations from the human resources management are high. If you look at the criteria identified by popular studies, the preferred employer will have strong human resource management.

Usually, the first contact is the job interview

Usually, the job interview leaves a really great impact on the applicant. It could be considered as “The face of a company.” Unfortunately, perhaps everyone can complain about the bad impression the arrogant behavior of the interviewer left on them.

But who is the interviewer? In the past, they were a person who put the interviewed person to a test, which the successful candidate would pass. Now, however, the reality is different, and many of the employers and the ICT specialists have come to the realization that the roles of the interviewer and the interviewed person have become very similar.

However, not every employer behaves the same way when conducting job interviews. Behavior depends mainly on the maturity of the employer as a person, as well as the competitive situation in which they are. Thus, if the employer understands that the employees are a valuable resource that must be won and developed for the long term, they will make a better impression on the candidate at the interview.

Employer branding is a complicated long-term process. Properly conducted, it will make a company the number one choice of people looking to build their career. Thus, the company will become more competitive.

If you have a great content on your website but visitors find it difficult to find them, it is a complete waste of your time, effort, resources, and that of your visitors too. In addition to helping your visitors find important information, your website should also have such an impact on them that they will be prompted to make a move as expected.

In this article, I will give you some useful tips that will increase your website’s appeal and make it click-worthy.

Before I proceed with the tips, what does it mean when a website is said to be click-worthy? In addition to the general belief that the website should be worthy of being clicked and viewed or read, the idea is that users should find it convenient to find any important information they need and be motivated to take action. It is important to be aware of this definition because viewing your website is of little importance if your visitors are not moved to take action. Whatever action they take benefits you more than simply visiting your site for fun.

Having said that, here are some tips to increase the click-worthiness of your site:

1. Have some goals: This is the first thing you need to do before embarking on the design of your website. Having definite goal will increase the relevance of the website to some people. This, in turn, will lead to more appreciation as the intended audience have their needs met.

To set goals for your website, you need to ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What is the objective of this website?
  • Do you want to use it to sell a product or a service?

Without setting some goals for your website, you will find it difficult to align your content to meet some specific needs. As such, there won’t be any target audience and that will impact negatively on the click-worthiness of the website.

2. Use lots of verbs: When writing the content of your website, cultivate the habit of using verbs to spur your readers to action. This should start with your heading. You should increase its attractiveness by using verbs to call your readers to action. Some typical examples of such headlines are:

  • Discover how to fortify your website security.
  • Build your business website with easy.
  • Find practical ways to increase your website conversion.

In each of the examples above, a verb is used to draw the attention of the readers to your content via your headline. I know you can come up with some headlines that are better than this. Please, do.

3. Take full advantage of layout conventions: When designing your website, take advantage of the existing layout conventions to make your website click-worthy. You already know where your navigation bars are. Your website venture logo also has a specific location on your website. These are the conventions that everybody knows. Your readers will find it odd if you place your navigation menu somewhere at the bottom of your page. Such practice may be considered by your visitors as unprofessional. That will affect the confidence in your products and services negatively. Without the desire to stand out unnecessary, use the common layout that everybody is conversant with. You have no need to change them because they have proved efficient for years.


Your website is your business corporate office. Its success depends on how click-worthy it is. Your responsibility is to make it as click-worthy as you can so that your visitors can find value in it. That will improve its conversion and the success of your business.

Secret Investigation reveals the truth behind The Rich Pom – Is it a scam?

A three week long private investigation by 12 members of the public have today revealed the truth behind The Rich Pom Website which is vital information for anyone with concerns about its legitimacy and to whether this “Rich Pom” is a scam or not.

TheRichPom.com has been promising to help make Australians extra cash working from home using advanced strategies to do with online affiliate marketing. His website was only launched in October 2006 and within a couple of months had already been featured on prime-time national Australian television and his website was being discussed by major celebrities on Sydney’s number one hit music station, 2DAYFM.

Indeed, The Rich Pom website continues to go from strength to strength and is now in the top seven websites listed across the whole of Australia with ClixGalore, the number one affiliate marketing company in Australia. Undeniable success.

All this sounds very encouraging, but there were still concerns from growing members of the public that The Rich Pom’s methods for earning money online were less than ethical. Some even question the legality of the set up. This promoted a team of 12 online business professionals to investigate The Rich Pom Website to find out if it was really possible to earn extra cash listening to his ideas, and also to finally put the question to rest – Is The Rich Pom a Scam or not?

The findings of this undercover investigation were interesting to say the least and the report makes some thoughtful recommendations to anyone interested in starting their own online business.

The number one question that had to be answered was the following:

“Are the methods used by this ‘rich pom’ to earn money online legal?”

To answer that, it was imperative to find out what The Rich Pom does. It’s called ‘affiliate marketing’, and put in it’s simplest terms, it is a way of sending visitors on the Internet to other websites and earning referral fees and commission for the activity of those people when they arrive at the destination websites.

For example, when you apply for a credit card online, you will click on certain offers, wording or banners. These details are all tracked, usually by an independent third party, and a commission will be paid by the likes of American Express to the company or website that sent them that lead. It’s not ingenious, but a very powerful and effective method of online marketing.

Do not think for one moment that The Rich Pom invented these ideas. Affiliate marketing has been used for many years by major International companies to grow their online businesses. He should not be credited in the slightest with the actual invention of affiliate marketing.

What TheRichPom.com offers and his ways to earn money online in Australia is completely legal and above board – make no mistake about it. Major financial institutions like ANZ Bank, ING Direct, Westpac all use this method of online marketing in Australia. Travel agencies and airlines (including Qantas, JetStar, Virgin and British Airways to name but three) all utilise ‘affiliate marketing’ and will pay a commission for flights and holidays booked via a third party.

Companies spend millions of dollars a year and put aside budgets for this type of online marketing – The Rich Pom simply helps you earn ‘a slice of the marketing pie’, so to speak.

So, an answer to the first question addressed by the team of investigators – “Are the methods used by this ‘rich pom’ to earn money online legal?” the answer is “Yes, absolutely 100% legal both in Australia and in hundreds of other countries around the world”.

The team moved onto the security for The Rich Pom website and the second question that needed to be addressed was

How safe or secure is it to purchase from The Rich Pom website?

Purchasing anything online with a credit (or now VISA debit) card carries some kind of risk, but with the levels of encryption and security used by companies these days, it is far safer to conduct a transaction at a safe website than, for example, hand your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant or give card details over the telephone.

TheRichPom.com uses a company called PayPal to process the credit card transactions – the same company that manage ebay’s worldwide, not to mention Dell Computers and Virgin Mobile. There are strong rumours linking The Rich Pom website with a switch to a more recognised Australian merchant such as eGate by ANZ Bank, but at the time of publishing this report, PayPal was the facility chosen by TheRichPom.com.

PayPal offers a very high standard of encryption for all card transactions. They also offer protection for buyers in the case of goods not received or unauthorised transactions, so PayPal is essentially, a good choice by The Rich Pom and buyers should rest assured of its integrity and safety.

In addition to the security offered by PayPal, The Rich Pom is also now awarded with the Scan Alert professional logo to help prevent online fraud. This is an international professional logo that is only displayed on websites that passes daily security tests, so this is an obvious bonus if anyone is concerned about buying the product online. The Scan Alert recognition can be verified here: https://www.scanalert.com/RatingVerify?ref=www.therichpom.com

The next question that needed addressing was the claims or fears about The Rich Pom being a scam, and the obvious question asked by the investigation team is

“Is The Rich Pom a Scam?”

To answer this question in a thorough way, it is important to firstly define the term “scam”.

“A fraudulent business scheme” or “a deception deliberately practised in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain” are two of the most popular, respected definitions of the terms “scam”.

The team decided to address both definitions in order to provide the best possible answer.

Does The Rich Pom operate a “fraudulent business scheme”? Well, the answer is undeniably ‘No’. There is no way that the rich pom website could possibly be deemed as a scam in this sense of the term because his business scheme is perfectly legal. Many people get confused and assume that it could be a ‘pyramid’ scheme or some kind of MLM scam – it clearly isn’t: both of these are illegal in many countries and The Rich Pom website is nothing like this whatsoever. Do not get confused between affiliate marketing and pyramid or MLM scams – they are vastly different.

As mentioned earlier in the report, his methods of online marketing (‘affiliate marketing’) are practised by thousands of companies across not just Australia, but the world as a whole, on a daily basis. The problem it seems arises when people assume that it has to be a scam, because they don’t understand the concept, or have simply not heard of it before – that is understandable. However, TheRichPom.com is no more fraudulent that American Express paying a commission to a third party website for sending a lead for a credit card application – or for that matter, Qantas paying a travel agent a commission for booking a flight on their behalf. It’s common business practise.

Ok, so The Rich Pom does not operate a fraudulent business scheme – that is clear

to see. But, does the website fall into the second definition – “a deception deliberately practised in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain”?

Well, it is easy to question the tactics used by “The Rich Pom” to encourage sales. It may be slightly unethical to say the least – his website, like his advertisements on the radio, are very much aggressive and do indeed annoy some people. He implores you to leave his website if you believe it to be a scam – he actually asks you to leave. Some say that this cocky, arrogant, obnoxious tone is clever marketing, some say that has the opposite effect, but whatever anyone’s thoughts, the actual website is not a deception deliberately practised in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. If you are unhappy with his methods of sales or marketing, then we recommend that you forget the website.

In addition to The Rich Pom ‘Scam’ theory, there is also the question of legitimacy of his video with proof of earnings. In this world today, it is fairly easy to muddle together a video and ‘doctor’ hard copies of earnings, but The Rich Pom has actually done his video in a clever way – as a live example so to speak, including the Yahoo website to verify the actual date. It’s underlining The Rich Pom’s clever strategies. Is the video real? Are the earnings real? It is impossible for us to comment, however, it looks about as genuine as anything could possibly be.

In summary, The Rich Pom website may have questionable tactics. His ethics may be wrong and the way he goes about his marketing, whilst some experts say it’s ingenious, it does ruffle the feathers of a few. But, that is the choice this “Rich Pom” makes.

Does The Rich Pom operate a legal way to make money online? Absolutely. His methods are used across the world by many major International companies.

Is The Rich Pom a Scam? Not at all. We’ve tested the website, his marketing methods and read his ebook thoroughly and it is all above board. The only question is regarding his marketing and advertising methods, but that is his choice. The actual website, the ebook and the ways to earn money online listening to The Rich Pom is perfectly legal and not a scam in the slightest.

Note: The opinions in this report should not alter or change your views or opinions of The Rich Pom Website. This information should not encourage or dissuade you in relation to any potential purchase you are thinking of making.

Adi Dassler invented the Adidas startup logo design during the 1920s; the startup logo design name is an abbreviated version of his name. Adi was an avid sports fan, but also a manufacturer of shoes, and he had a vision: to invent trainers that would allow a sportsperson to perform at an optimal level, while protecting the feet from injury by providing specialist, and supportive designs. This idea is second nature to our modern sensibilities, we consider it a given feature of sports clothes that they are protective and supportive, but of his era, this was a revolutionary idea.

Adidas trainers proved immensely popular, and within a short space of time, Adi Dassler’s company were producing more than 100 pairs of trainers a day – quite a feat for a newly flourishing company. During the late 1930s, the Adidas startup logo design began extending its range of merchandise; they began by creating trainers designed specifically for certain sports. For instance, they began manufacturing tennis shoes, ice skates, and golf.

When Adi Dassler first began trading under the Adidas startup logo design name, he had a business partner, his brother, Rudolph. During the 1940s, their visions of how the company would proceed began to diverge, and they choose to take different paths. Adi continued with the creation of Adidas trainers, but his brother, Rudolph, founded a rival company: Puma. As a way of differentiating the two marks, Adi decided to add the three stripes, part of the iconic imagery of the Adidas startup logo design.

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It was not until the 1960s, however, that Adidas extended its range and began manufacturing sports clothing. In 1963, they also began to expand their merchandise to encompass sports equipment too, if it was not for this move, we would not see Adidas footballs at major football sporting events – an image that has truly become iconic of the ‘beautiful game’.

The 1970s saw the first ‘Trefoil company logo’ appearing on clothing, equipment, and footwear. Adidas incorporated the Trefoil company logo as a means for people to tell imitation Adidas goods, from the genuine articles. In the 1980s, the Adidas startup logo design became involved in the wider cultivation and celebration of sports in general, Horst Dassler founded ‘International Sports, Culture, and Leisure’.

2000 saw a return to previous Adidas styles of clothing, when the first Adidas Originals stores opened their doors in America and South Korea. Today, Adidas Originals continues to be an extremely popular fashion.

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