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Accessing the Current Region is one of the most valuable VBA techniques in Excel. Not only can it select a data set or table, it enables you to access individual cells, rows and columns within the region; making it very useful for new Excel developers:

  • Search an entire table
  • Select multiple columns to use in a chart
  • Define rows and cells for highlighting

An Example Of Selecting The Current Region

The normal syntax for selecting the currentRegion is as follows:


While it makes sense to use the first cell of the table as the base for the region, any cell reference within the region can be used. Let’s look at an example of how you can use the current region in real life.

Let’s say we need to search an entire table starting at “A1” for a defined text string:

myText="text to search for"

for each c in selection
if instr(c,myText) then
' match found
End if

Accessing Cells, Rows And Columns Within The Current Region

Because a region covers multiple rows and columns there are a few different techniques to access items within the region:

In a 2 row by 4 column table (2 x 4) you might want to know the address of the last cell in the table, so you can add data to the next row. This code identifies the next cell address for data input by finding the final row and moving to the next cell.


Similarly, if we wanted to format each row, we’d need to know how many columns were included in the region:


And if you had 3 columns and wanted to return the 2nd column to include as a series range in a chart you could use this line of code:


In a 3 x 4 table, this would return a value in the form $B$1:$B$4 which coincidentally is the format to include the column in a chart.

It might be useful to think of the Current Region as a collection, and the cells, rows and columns are items in the collection having their own properties. In this way when you need to access the items within the region you can do so intuitively, rather than relying on knowledge of specific properties and methods.


The Current Region is one the most useful tools for both new and experienced VBA developers. A good understanding of its methods and properties is essential for effective and productive Excel applications.

Though having a pleasure boat means being able to take fun little cruises, partake in some exciting ocean fishing, or spend the day water skiing, there are limits to where you can take a regular boat. For those who love the pleasure of being on the water and who also want to get as close to nature as possible, kayaking can be just the thing that they are looking for. The slim designs and relative small size of kayaks means that you can get into places where larger boats may not be able to fit – or are not even allowed to go.

Kayaks are small, streamlined boats that have tapered ends and slightly thicker centers. There are openings in the middle that are just large enough to fit one person. Kayaks are never motorized…they are propelled manually, using one oar that has a paddle on either side. The kayaker uses the oar alternately from one side to the other to move the kayak forward or backward. Although all kayaks have the same basic design, they are not all the same size. When you purchase a kayak, you need to choose one that is the right size for you. The salesperson where you purchase your kayak can help you find one that is the right fit.

People purchase kayaks for several reasons, such as racing, white water rafting, or leisurely trips along rivers, streams, lakes, or in the ocean. Being able to venture into small tributaries, narrow canyons, or rocky places where larger boats can’t go is one of the greatest benefits of kayaking. With no motor and just a quiet paddle, kayakers can enter into places without disturbing the local wildlife. The serenity of paddling your kayak along a glassy lake in the early morning, or along a river through a small canyon at sunset can be an incomparable experience. The way kayaks are designed, they seem to blend in with the natural surroundings instead of disturbing them. Paddle down a creek in a kayak through an area where most people can’t go, and you will be able to see nature at its best. When most people experience something like this, they talk later about how time seemed to stop for them; they were on the water for hours when it seemed like much less time.

Though communing alone with nature is a wonderful experience, it should be noted that it is much safer for kayakers to travel with someone else – at least one other kayaker. Very experienced kayakers can usually get away with kayaking alone, because they know where they can go and all the safety measures to take, but even they won’t usually tackle any white water alone. Kayakers who are just learning or don’t have a lot of experience are better off traveling with buddies. This doesn’t have to take away from the pleasure and intimacy of communing with nature, and it can be comforting to know that if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, someone else is there to help.

There are as many definitions of 'lady' as there are dictionaries. Webster defines our topic as, "noun: a woman who behaves in a polite way; a woman of high social position; a man's girlfriend." In Old English, it means female head of household. The Urban Dictionary gives us a couple of definitions to choose from.

The choices include, "In poker, a pair of queens," and "Any female is a woman, or will be, but, being a Lady takes work and it is not inborn, it is a practice, a fine art and takes Focus and consideration. " According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this is a general title given European women of noble birth or marriage.The word is associated, primarily, with a gentle, kind woman of good education. She is in control of herself at all times, practices proper hygiene and grooming, is good mannered, well versed in accepted formal and informal etiquette, and genially puts others comfort over her own. It is a fading art in our modern world. It takes a commitment to excellence and to living a more reserved lifestyle that many women of today find cumbersome and stifling. To think before speaking, willingly take a backseat in a discussion, approach dressing with a conservative eye, to run a household with grace and ease … well, let's just say that girls of today find these qualities too confining or an affront to their Liberated status. They have become accustomed to being in the limelight and feel entitled to the label without displaying the rendered conduct.

While subservience plays a part and has a place and time in a lady's life, contrary to popular belief, it is not the backbone of her existence. A woman that is self-assured, steadfast, and possesses strong morals, ethics, and values ‚Äč‚Äčhas no need to grandstand. Her character is reflected by her behavior. It, by no means, infers that she is less than. Actually, her behavior leaves others to believe quite the opposite.Is it possible, then, for a woman in this day and age to acquire the attributes of "lady-ism"?

Are there other completed women that can provide an example to be followed? Which of these women are worthy of emulation? There is, of course, Jackie-O and Mrs. President Johnson, but, they may be a bit far removed for the young women coming of age now. Princess Diana's poise and grace is ageless; Timeless. Kate Middleton provides us with yet another fine example.

The majority of women learn "how to" from their mother, their aunt, a grandmother. This is how skills were handed down from generation to generation. Society has become less invested in the extended family and so, traditions and ways of living have been lost to the past. Tv and movie stars, bands and solo artists have become the examples of "how to" for our young women.

They learn to live in a way that approves failure, lack of commitment, instant gratification, and the "it's-all-about-me" attitude. A return to social grace, established morals, ethics, and values, a promise to and pride in a well rounded and stable family can only be a move towards the positive. The art of being a real lady is an art worth reviving in 2016, I say. It may not bring about world peace, but it is a step in the right direction.

A trademark is a symbol, sign, or other signifier used to uniquely identify a service or product in connection with a certain startup logo design, company, person, or other legal organization.

In this article, we'll take a look at a few different facts about trademarks and try to clarify some of the commonly misunderstood aspects of registration, use of TM and SM, and the origins of trademarks themselves.

1. Trademarks are different from copyright and patents.

A copyright is a type of intellectual property protection that applies to works that carry "unique authorship" and have been "fixed in a tangible medium." In other words, copyrights are eligible for images, videos, songs, sound recordings, architectural works, and other works – but ideas are not eligible for copyright protection.

Some types of works, including logos, may be eligible for both copyright and trademark protection. However, the scope of these protections are different: a copyright protects the unauthorized use or distribution of an image, while a trademark protects the way the image is used in connection with a service, product, or startup logo design. Trademarks are inherently commercial, while copyright may not be.

A patent is a type of intellectual property protection that applies toventions, novel processes, or new inventions or discoveries. There are three types of patents: design patent , utility patent (the most common type), or plant patent .

2. You can use TM or SM without officially registering a trademark.

Yes, you read that right: official trademark registration is not required in order to use TM or SM ! (SM, of course, stands for "service mark," a special type of trademark used to signify services rather than products.)

While an official federal registration is the best way to protect your trademark, some amount of protection is also offered to unregistered trademarks , depending on the location and industry of that unregistered trademark. To signify to the public that you are in fact using the sign or symbol as a trademark, TM or SM is appropriate.

However, take care that you do not use the (R) symbol – this symbol is reserved for officially registered federal trademarks, and using (R) without having officially registered is against federal law.

3. A trademark must be used commercially in order to truly be a trademark.

In order for a word, phrase, or other signifier to be eligible for a trademark, it has to actually be used to signify something (or you must have plans to use it to signify something in the future). Without a public, commercial use, there's no trademark.

4. A lawyer is not required in order to apply for a trademark.

If any third party website, company, or law firm tells you that you must use their services in order to apply for a trademark, run away! They are not being honest with you.

That said, since the trademark application can take up to two years to be processed, legal counsel is highly recommended. Without one, you may inadvertently make a mistake on your application (which contains a large amount of details and technical requirements), which could lead to your trademark application being dismissed. For these reasons, it may be a good idea to hire professional trademark assistance .

5. Trademarks originated in ancient times.

Back in biblical times, blacksmiths and other makers of fine craftsmanship needed a way to indicate the origins of their blades. They began stamping their own unique symbols into their wares, which helped the public to recognize a certain artisan's wares as well as keeping the artisan's reputation in tact and protected from shoddy imitations – just as trademarks are used today.

So you have realized that handling your own search engine optimization campaign is too time consuming, so you want to find yourself one of the best SEO companies that you know you can trust with your online marketing to help you achieve online success, but you don’t know what services they should be providing that will push you forward in your particular industry.

Here are a few of the top quality services that your SEO company should offer you to ensure your get the internet visibility your company deserves, you reach your target audience and you enjoy an increase in online revenue moving forward.

The first thing you obviously want to focus on is SEO, your search engine optimization campaign. Did you know SEO doesn’t only comprise of using carefully selected keywords and key phrases to help you increase your ranking in search engine results? In fact, the larger search engine, Google, actually will penalize you if you get carried away with your keywords and if you are over stuffing them on your web pages and in your content, then you may be doing more harm than good. Increasing your ranking takes time and dedication, but dropping in ranking simply takes one small mistake, such as too many keywords in one piece of text.

The next thing to look at is your social media marketing. Yes this is also a very important part of your SEO campaign and should be a service provided by the best SEO companies. Basically you need the best quality formation and advice on your social media pages, you need to keep them updated regularly and you need to reply to comments, while commenting on other posts, to increase your online visibility and reach a wider audience. Remember the search engines can pick you up from social media as well.

Then there is pay per click advertising, which is an affordable online marketing tool that can help you in your SEO campaign. Pay per click advertising ensures that you only pay for real clicks that lead clients to your website. It drives more traffic to your website through carefully designed advertisements that meets their needs and wants the client to find out more.

With pay per click advertising you remain in control at all times. You identify your daily budget and the best SEO companies will monitor your performance, make necessary changes, pull adverts and play around with the budget you have given to ensure the adverts receiving the highest interest receive the biggest portion of the budget.

Then there is your website and you will be amazed how your website will play a role in your SEO campaign. In fact, your website is essential to your SEO success and therefore careful consideration needs to be paid to ensure you don’t over stuff keywords, that your site is easy to navigate, that the pages load quickly and that you use links to direct clients through your site with complete ease. You want potential clients to stay on your website for as long as possible, which is why you ensure you only upload the finest quality content and images to attract audience attention.

You will also want to note that Google has put major emphasis on the mobile user, which means your website needs to be mobile friendly and you need to bear in mind that a majority of your audience is now going o use their mobile devices to search for products and services that you supply. Failing to incorporate mobile to your website can result in you being penalized and possibly dropping in rank.

If you need to fix PS3 red light blinking, aka Red Light Of Death (RLOD), on your gaming console, you are not alone! Thousands of people are suffering with this problem and the internet is flooded with frustrated and angry consumers who fear they will have to throw out a gaming console that they spent hundreds of dollars to purchase.

Luckily, throwing your console out is entirely unnecessary! Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t fix PS3 RLOD issue, because you can! The following five steps will help you find a solution to the problem.

Step 1: Check Your Console

One of the biggest causes of the blinking red light problem is placing the console with the fan vents sitting against the floor or up against a wall where air cannot flow freely in and out of the console.

So, start by checking your console and making sure those fans are not blocked off. If you notice a lot of dust on the console, clean it off right away. Once you fix the blinking red light of your ps3 and your console is working again, you will want to keep the vents clean and unobstructed.

Step 2: Test the Hard Drive

Now, find the hard drive on the side of your console and remove it. Wait a few seconds and replace it. In some cases this may fix PS3 red light. If you still see the blinking red light, there is a chance you have more substantial damage inside your unit. It could possibly be a problem with overheating which causes problems with the motherboard, especially if you had your console on the floor or up against a wall.

Step 3: Unplug

The last in-home remedy to fix PS3 red light blinking is to unplug the console from the wall for about half an hour and then plug it back in. This doesn’t always work, but some people have had success with problems other than overheating. If it doesn’t work, then you have more substantial damage to your console motherboard.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the console is useless! Continue on to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Step 4: Check Your Warranty

The next step you can do to fix red light of death is to see if you still have a valid warranty for your gaming console. If you do, then you can contact Sony and mail it in for a fix. Note that this will take at least 6 weeks before you can expect your ps3 back and chances are high you will receive a refurbished unit rather than the one you originally sent in. Also note that Sony will delete the memory from your unit so you will lose everything saved in the console.

If you don’t have a valid warranty or you don’t want to lose everything saved inside the console, bypass Sony altogether. Without a warranty they charge $150-300 or more and often the unit you receive back will have the same red light of death blinking problem in a short period of time.

Just skip to our last step.

Step 5: Find an Online Fix

Go online to expert sites which will show you some online programs that will fix PS3 red light blinking in just an hour or sometimes less. These programs will show you how to fix your console just as an experienced PlayStation 3 repairman would fix it, but you won’t even pay $50 for most of them!

If you learn learn how to fix PS3 red lights from unprofessional websites or forums, chances are, you might make it worse because there are more than 20 reasons behind that problem.

Puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčobedience training is as easy as 1,2,3. But if you do not know what you are doing it will seem very difficult in the beginning. This article will provide you with professional training tips that you should utilize when considering bringing a new puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčinto your home, so pay attention.

1) You have to establish yourself as a leader of the pack or also known as alpha dog. If this is not done than your new companion will think he / she is boss. This step should be done rather quickly, because it will not take your new arrival long to think they can be boss.

2) Be patient, persistent and repetitive. Use a firm steady voice and stay calm. Try training your new friend in 10-15 minute sessions 5-6 times a day. Be in tune with your dogs mood this will make training easier for both you and your new best friend. Do not expect your puppy to learn everything in one day.

3) Positively reinforce by giving a treat for good behavior. Also correct bad behavior while it happens not after. Let your new puppy know that you are in control of the things that value most like their toys and trees.

There is no other situation where patience with your puppy will be as important as the first several weeks in your home. Proper dog training will take time, will take obedience, and a lot of care. So be sure if you are going to train a puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčyou know what you are doing.

Wholesale pharmaceutical dealers supply medicines to pharmacists and others at competitive rates. As per ethical trade practices, wholesale pharmaceutical dealers sell only to licensed resellers and not directly to end-users. Wholesale pharmaceuticals generally sell their products to doctors, clinics, pharmacies, medical suppliers and hospitals. A valid wholesale pharmaceutical license is needed for trading in pharmaceuticals. Similarly most wholesale pharmaceutical companies insist on their customers providing evidence of permission to purchase wholesale pharmaceuticals. This permission should have been obtained through appropriate government agencies.

Wholesale pharmaceuticals are generally supplied with the best possible expiry date at the time of sale. Customers need to check their requirements thoroughly before making purchases. Generally the prices quoted by wholesale pharmaceutical companies exclude charges applicable to freight, insurance and customs. Purchasers from other countries are expected to bear any costs incurred for customs clearance, duties, and any other legal requirements. The onus of ensuring that any import of pharmaceuticals complies with relevant domestic laws also lies with the importer.

The modus operandi of persons dealing in wholesale pharmaceuticals is to physically assemble goods in large lots, sort them, repack and redistribute in smaller lot sizes. For these activities, wholesale pharmaceutical dealers need to have access to facilities like refrigeration, storage, transportation and, packaging and labeling services.

The wholesale pharmaceutical industry in the US is governed by federal legislation on drug imports. This is essential to counter loopholes in the system like diversion, incomplete pedigree, counterfeiting and repackaging and reselling illegally. The secondary wholesale market where a lot of counterfeiting and tampering occurs poses a real danger to public health. A combination of stringent laws and responsible social behavior is needed to combat this menace that goes on in the name of wholesale trade.

It is required by law that wholesale pharmaceutical dealers be accredited by their processes being subjected to stringent compliance to wholesale standards as outlined under drug safety laws.

Are you confused about what a patent is and whether you should get one? This is a primer
For beginning inventors that answers your most commonly asked questions.

1) What is a patent?

A patent is a form of intellectual property which rewards persons who invent a
New and non-obvious :

  • Process or method;
  • Machine;
  • Article of manufacture; Egypt
  • Composition of matter.

In return for completely disclosing the invention including how to practice the
Invention, a legal monopoly on the invention is granted to the inventor (s)
For a specific period of time.

That legal monopoly is the right for the inventor (s) to exclude other
Persons and businesses from:

  • Making;
  • Using;
  • Offering for sale or selling; Egypt
  • Importing;

The invention in the United States.

2) What is "patent pending"?

Once a patent application is prepared and filed and prior to issuance of a patent, the
Invention can be marked "patent pending" or "patent
Applied for " .

While these have no legal significance and grant the inventor (s) no legal rights, the
Design tends to discourage other persons or businesses from copying the invention
Since a patent might issue on the invention granting the legal monopoly to the
Inventor (s).

3) Are there different types of patents?

There are two types of patents that are typically of interest to inventors,
Design patents and utility patents .

A design patent protects the "aesthetics" or the
"Appearance" of the invention and is a much more limited legal
Monopoly than utility patents which protect the "function" of
The invention.

Therefore, utility patents are desirable over design patents where possible, though an
Invention can be protected by both design and utility patents.

4) How long do patents provide legal protection for the inventor?

The period of time for which the legal monopoly is granted for a utility patent is 20
Years from the filing date of a utility patent application, however, the legal rights
Do not begin until the patent issues.

The period of time for which the legal monopoly is granted for a design patent is 14
Years from the issue date.

5) What are maintenance fees?

Utility patents require the payment of maintenance fees 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years
Following issue to maintain the patent in force. Design patents require no
Maintenance fees to maintain the patent in force.

6) Should I keep my invention secret?

The inventor (s) should be careful to maintain their invention secret until the
Advice of a competent licensed patent attorney or patent agent is thought.

That is because many foreign countries in which the inventor (s) may decide to seek
Patent protection there is an "absolute novelty"

This means that if the invention is "publicly disclosed" (ie
Disclosed to people in a non-confidential manner) prior to the "effective
Filing date " in that country, then the validity of any patent which would
Potentially issue on the invention in that country could be challenged later.

7) What is the International Treaty, also called the Paris Convention?

Many countries are members of the International Treaty, also called the Paris

These countries allow inventor (s) to claim priority based on the filing date of the
First filed patent application in a member country, provided a patent application is
Filed in the member country within 1 year of such first filed patent application
(Within 6 months for design patent applications).

The United States is a member of the International Convention so as to grant such
Priority based on a foreign patent application.

8) Are there time limits in which to file a patent application at the US Patent

The inventor (s) must file a United States Patent Application within 1 year (if
Patent protection is desired in the United States) of the earlier of :

  • Making an offer to sell the invention (even if the offer is not accepted and sometimes even when the invention is not yet manufactured or otherwise available);
  • Use of the invention in public (eg using the invention at work or in public on the street corner); Egypt
  • Or putting the invention in a printed publication which is circulated (eg a sales brochure, catalog, or a web site).

These are called "statutory bars" and if the year period
Expires without filing the United States Patent Application, the inventor (s) are not
Allowed to file a patent application in the United States.

Foreign priority (discussed above) or the priority of a provisional patent application
(Discussed below) can be used to predate the expiration of the 1 year period if

9) What is a provisional patent application?

A provisional patent application can be filed in the United States which provides a
Disclosure (description) of the invention, but which does not have the formal
Requirements of a utility patent application.

Priority can be claimed for a utility patent application (but not a design patent
Application) and foreign patent applications in countries which are members of the
International Convention if filed within 1 year of the filing date of the provisional
Patent application.

The bottom line , timely consult a competent patent attorney or patent agent
To discuss the details of protecting your invention!

No one really likes to have to sell to another individual, and the unfortunate fact of selling your home is that you need to have a little bit of experience in sales. You want your home to stand out to everyone that sees it. If you have staged your home correctly, then the prospective buyers that come through your door will be able to actually picture themselves living in the home. The right type of staging has the ability to lower the number of days that your home remains listed. It can also increase your asking price. You can hire a professional home stager to inspect and make necessary changes that will increase the marketability of your home.

Professional Home Stagers

A professional home stager will alter the focus of the home from the taste of the seller to match that of the most prospective buyer. As the seller, you have to realize that, although your pictures and family mementos mean a lot to you, they take away from the sale of your home in that a prospective buyer can not imagine his or her family in the home when the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthere Being a family there exists in his or her mind. Leaving these items out can affect the price your home will sell for and how fast it will sell. This is why many real estate agents request that you hire a professional home stager to prepare your home. If you are sincere about selling your home, the following are a couple suggestions from the professionals.

Aspects of Consideration

The very first impression that your potential buyers will have will be from the outside of the home. These prospective home buyers will see your garage door, your landscaping, and the front door. All of these items should be in the most pristine condition possible. Your garage should be clean, your flower beds weeded, and there should be no clutter in your garden. Any types of garden accessories, such as gnomes or the like, should be stored away while you are trying to sell your home. Mulch and extra flowers will be nice additions.

Painting on the inside of the home is almost always a must. Keep in mind that neutral colors are the best choices. The color palette you choose can greatly add to or take away from your home's marketability. It is all about allowing the potential buyer to be able to see their own things in the home rather than loving what you have done with the place. Aside from painting, clean walls are an absolute must. If you want, you can also add throw pillows to the furniture to give a certain ambiance if you feel the need. Fresh cut flowers are also a nice addition.

If you can afford to hire a professional home staging company, that is your best bet for a quick sale. If you can not afford to do so, you can still stage your home yourself with a little bit of cleaning and freshening up.

Because of modern technology, many individuals and businesses are finding that they can save money by printing their own documents. Years ago, in order to obtain high quality, professional results, one would have to hire a professional printing company to handle their printing needs. Today, because of high quality printers, copiers, and toner, that is no longer the case. Obtaining crisp, professional looking documents can now be done in just a matter of minutes, and at a much cheaper rate.

Toner is used by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike. Many individuals use it to print personalized cards or invitations. It can also be used by individuals to print professional grade photographs. Businesses use toner to print marketing materials, newsletters, and other documents that are necessary for their business. Whatever the case, it is a more cost effective alternative to hiring a professional printing company, without sacrificing the quality of the document.

When it comes to purchasing cartridges, there are a few options available. One option is to buy replacement toner that is made by the manufacturer of the specific printer or copy machine. This is not the most affordable option, but many people feel more comfortable with this option because they know it work with their machine. Another option, which is more affordable, is to find a compatible toner for a specific printing device. Although it is not made by the specific manufacturer of the printing device, it has been tested and proven to work with the machine that it is marketed for. This option is widely popular because of the money saving benefits. Compatible toners produce the same high quality results as those produced by the manufacturer at a fraction of the cost. Finding a compatible toner for any printing device is very easy, which is another reason that so many people are doing it. A third option is refilling toner cartridges, but this is not usually recommended for a host of different reasons.

There are many benefits to using toner for personal or business use. Not only can it save time and money, it also allows for more customized and personalized documents. It is very easy to use. Anyone with a printer or copy machine can exchange the old for the new and be printing in a reasonable amount of time. There are toners that are compatible with every make and model of printing device, so finding the right one is never a problem.

Medals received during school and colleges are the hardest earned and respected medals in the life of an individual. There is immense competition among students to gain academic as well sporting excellence. It a great honor for students to be awarded a medal for academic achievements or excellence in sports.

Academic Medals are not only awarded to school and college students but are given to those who excel in science and technology, engineering, medical sciences and other academic fields. Many people receive medals from the state government or are honored by national governments for breakthrough inventions they have made. The Dannie Heinemann Prize for Mathematical Physics is an important academic medal, as is the American Physical Society award presented by the American Institute of Physics, which is for outstanding lifetime contributions to humankind. Gibbs Brothers Medal — Naval architecture, Marine engineering is awarded by the National Academy of Sciences.

NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement is given by NASA for those who have shown extraordinary academic excellence. The National Medal of Science is considered a very prestigious medal that is given by President of United States on recommendation of the National Science Foundation. It is awarded to scientists and engineers in behavioral and social sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and physics.

Academic Medals contribute significantly to the portfolio of an individual just like a star on uniforms of law enforcers. Readymade medals are available in gold, silver, and bronze. The price for each medal is around $2.50; that includes a red, white, and blue neck ribbon. Other colors are available as well but at an additional charge. Universities require a large number of academic medals. They award medals to candidates who have qualified for a bachelor degree with first class honors. Those who have attained a Grade Point Average of no less than 4.5* in all but their first year of study are also eligible to receive an academic medal.


What is a company logo design if not the very image of your business, the very first message sent to your potential customers?

And because the first impression can make or break a deal, you need a professional logo design to represent your business.

Your potential customers are more likely to engage if you have a company logo design that tells what your business is about.

Most often than not, startups consider their company logo design just an item on the check list.

They want their businesses to take off but they are using a cheap outdated non-professional logo design as the face of their company. This is the biggest mistake they can make!

If your company logo design looks bad, people will question how well you are able to deliver your services and products.

A professional logo design will tell customers you’re good at what you do. But a boring, poorly executed, five dollars company logo design conveys the lack of ability and know-how, which destroys trust and makes people feel less confident in your products or services.

A professional logo design is a small investment for a huge return.

I am now offering discounts to customers looking for an emblem creator, california logo design, chicago logo design or new york logo design